Mistakes to Avoid While Helping Your Child Choose a Career Path

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child career path

We all know how incomparable your love for your child is. Your sacrifices, be it monetary or devotion of time for the well-being of your child is insurmountable. Your concern for your child and his/her’s future is understandable, though going that extra mile can have shortcomings.

Let’s explore a few mistakes that you might commit as a parent and can cause stress for you and your child:

  • Age Doesn’t Reflect Knowledge: Most parents have the notion that they know better than their child and their wisdom & experience will help be the ultimate guide to the child’s future. With information available at fingertips, giving an ear to what the child has to say can turn out to be enlightening.
  • Oblivious to Current Happenings: A lot of has changed a lot in the past decade and that too at a very fast pace. The current job market is very dynamic and with it has changed the demand for new knowledge and skills. To make the right decision for your child requires you to be aware of the current trends. Having a piece of preconceived and outdated information can hurt your child’s future. For e.g., if your child chooses to be an engineer, you will have to be aware of new fields of study in the domain (like Artificial Intelligence, robotics) to make informed career decisions.
  • Not Seeking Guidance to Impart Guidance: Given that your child chooses to be an engineer as a career option, then what is the next step? Not Sure? Take guidance regarding the best colleges, the entrance examinations your child needs to attempt to take admissions, the pattern of these entrance tests. A guided, informed decision will give you and your child clarity on how to proceed and what necessary steps he/she should take. For e.g., most of these entrance tests are now conducted online. If your child still uses traditional study techniques, like practicing with pen and paper, probably he/she won’t do good at these online tests. Online mock tests are the future and as parents being aware of it will prove to be boon for your child.
  • Not Having a Meaningful Conversation With The Child: It has been scientifically proven that brainstorming with children can help parents know their child’s likes and dislike and make a more informed career decision.
  • Not Being There For The Child: It’s not about taking a decision and let your child walk the rest of the path alone. It’s about supporting your child in every step and in every ups and downs. There will be tough times and open communication is the key. Providing an environment of trust and resources throughout the journey that the child has embarked upon help him/her achieve the final goal.
  • Showing Frustrations: Work can be hectic and so can be your child not doing well in studies. The trick is not to pressurize your child but to show positive aspects of each shortcoming. Hold the hand of your child to help him/her overcome weaknesses and lead the way.

Gone are the days when career options were limited. Give your child the freedom and guide him/her to adapt to the changing dynamics of the market. A wide scope of opportunities lies ahead, don’t tie your child’s fate. Let your child fly!

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