Ever Heard About JEE Main Previous Year Papers 2.0?

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jee previous year papers

The JEE Main is done, but there is another one coming soon! So those of you, preparing for the one coming in April – have you started yet?

With less than 3 months left for JEE Main papers, we realize you would be exhaustively practicing mock tests and previous year papers to hone your conceptual understanding.

So, we are coming up with something that will interest you… very soon!


Since you would be giving your JEE Main online, how about practicing JEE Main previous year papers online as well? Not only that, get to practice them on real NTA screens!

There’s a bonus here – You get in-built powerful analytics of your performance in the paper to help determine your strengths and weaknesses.

10 Reasons why practising Previous Year Papers is really important!

  • You understand the pattern:

Studying concepts is important but knowing the pattern of the paper will give you the feel of the actual exam. You also get to know where you stand in terms of preparation.

  • You know the question type:

While practicing the previous year papers, you also get an idea of the question types asked in the exam for every topic – be it analytical, theoretical or calculation based.

  • Recognizing important topics:

An understanding of major topics from where questions are usually asked is gained. It becomes easy to prioritize while studying, as you can’t be 100% prepared with all topics.

  • Increases your speed:

Regular practice of JEE Main Previous Year Papers will help you boost your speed in the examination.

  • Time Management:

Constant practice of previous year papers will make you conceptually strong and manage time better in the examination.

  • Improves efficiency:

The possibility of making silly mistakes is reduced as your efficiency improves with regular practise of previous year papers.

  • Insights about exam:

Regular practice helps a candidate gain an idea about the exam setting, choice of questions and attempt strategy.

  • Judging one’s ability:

Through practice of previous year papers, you can judge your ability and if not satisfied, can undertake more efforts to push yourself in preparation.

  • Reality Check:

JEE Main Previous Year Papers helps you get a reality check of how you have fared so far. It’s easy to maintain a balance in terms of confidence levels, as you know for sure shot know what your level of preparation is.

  • Break:

Studying on a regular basis can be monotonous, boring and tiresome. Take a break on a regular basis, practice previous year papers and evaluate your performance.

JEE Main Past Year Papers

Now that you have been told all the right reasons, drop everything in hand right now and start practicing! Also, while attempting previous year papers, classify them into easy, moderate and difficult. This kind of classification will help you during your performance analysis. You will gradually move from easy to moderate and finally be able to handle the difficult kind of previous year papers. The JEE might be tough, but you are definitely tougher!

All the Best!

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