JEE Main: Computer-Based vs Offline

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JEE Main 2017 Offline Exam

This Sunday kicked off the examination season with the offline version being held on 2nd april. The JEE Main 2017 exam has been described as easier but lengthier in comparison to previous exams. Read the detailed review on “JEE Main 2017: Review and Analysis”.

As the JEE is held in Online as well as Offline modes, many aspirants are worried about which mode to choose. In this blog, we will explain the similarity, difference and possible pros & cons of both options.

What is JEE CBE?

JEE Main 2017 Online Exam

JEE is conducted in both traditional pen and paper based environment as well as Computer Based Environment. In the computer based environment, the exam is held over a Local Area Network (not over internet).


Complexity: In terms of complexity, both the Computer Based and the offline version are equally complex. Both the exams are designed such that neither of the type of participants gets an undue advantage.

Exam Pattern and constitution: while the exam pattern remains unchanged, the constitution of questions may not be the exact same. The percentage of questions from class XI and XII may vary among different versions of the exam.

Scoring pattern:

The scoring pattern would remain the same for JEE main whether the mode of exam is online or offline. Like previous JEE Main exams, the recently held exam had the same scoring pattern with correct answers bearing 4 marks and incorrect responses costing a penalty of 1 mark.

Pros and Cons of CBE mode

The CBE mode of JEE Main is beneficial to the students as the questions can be answered instantly and the amount of time incurred in filling the OMR sheets gets reduced. Also, many times, it has been noticed that students may do errors in filling the OMR sheets leading to disastrous results. This cannot happen in the CBE mode. Also, reviewing the questions and solutions becomes very easy in CBE mode.

However, a large number of JEE Main online aspirants have faced technical glitches.

Tips for JEE Main Online aspirants

As witnessed in previous years, JEE Main has successfully maintained the same difficulty level in both Online and Offline version of the exam. Taking a cue from the same, JEE 2017 online exam test takers should be ready for a lengthier paper and should ensure to not lose score due to the incorrect calculation. Also, they should revise more of class 12 syllabus.

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