Tips to Utilise the Last 1.5 Months For JEE Main 2019 (January)

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With change comes the need to adapt. To start with, the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE Main) will be conducted twice a year by the National Testing Agency (NTA).

If you are a JEE aspirant, then you know that you have just 1.5 months left for the exam. Now is the time to fast-track your preparation.

The last 1.5 months is the most crucial time for JEE preparation. This timeframe is all about handling the pressure with right attitude, managing time efficiently and strictly sticking to your study plan.

How you utilize this time can make or break your chance of claiming a seat in the top engineering institutes in India.

So, how do you go about it?

The Next 15 Days

Make flashcards for all topics: At this point, given that you have covered the entire syllabus for the examination, now it’s the time summarize each chapter. This will help you revise in a time constrained environment.

Revise the way that suits you the best: Some prefer sticky notes, other use markers to highlight important topics, formulas and diagrams. Scribble or highlight in a way that suits you best and helps you to recall at a glimpse.

When in doubt, ask: No better time to clarify your doubts and queries than in these 15 days. There is no better place to get exam related answers and resolve your doubts than the myPAT Community.

Start taking 3-hour tests: It’s not about chapter tests and concepts tests anymore. Get a feel of the real test environment by taking full tests. Another reason for you to choose myPAT because now you can take tests in the same test screen as NTA (National Testing Agency).

Study in groups: If that is your thing then why not. It always helps to discuss with like-minded aspirants to yield the best of results. Some find it a quicker way to learn. If you like to study alone then try to avoid group studies.

The Next One Month

Dive deep into mock tests: The last month is all about taking mock tests and solving previous year’s papers. The JEE Main paper will test your knowledge, aptitude, analytical and problem-solving skills that too in a 3-hour window. Loads to do and a very little time. This is where mock tests will come to your rescue. These mock tests help you get acquainted to the exam format, help you manage time efficiently and boost your confidence.

Make your weaknesses your strengths: When you take mock tests on myPAT, you get personalized feedback on concepts that are your strengths along with those that you need to work on. There is no better time to work on your weaknesses than now.

Revision: For revision to be successful a proper study plan is required as balancing revision and solving mock tests become equally important. Here are some winning tips to revise: CLICK HERE

Avoid distractions: When you are preparing for an exam like JEE, avoid distractions, especially in the last month. Want to know how to avoid distractions? CLICK HERE

Special Tip: The exam tests your knowledge in 3 subjects. When revising, prioritize the subjects. Why? Because the exam is not about completing the entire paper but about getting the questions right. In the last month you cannot master a subject that is not your strongest pursuit, instead, aim to maximize results from the subjects you are good at. This doesn’t mean you will neglect other subjects by any means.


With the right mindset and a winning strategy nothing is impossible, be it an exam like JEE. Don’t worry! You’ve got this.

Best of luck!

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