This is what you need to crack KVPY 2020

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This is what you need to crack KVPY 2020

Are you one of those who is preparing for KVPY 2020 and is badly stuck due to the outbreak of COVID-19? Well, you’re not only one facing this dilemma as lakhs of aspirants like you are going through the same situation.

The new dates for KVPY have been announced and the interview round has been scrapped for this year’s KVPY. The registration for KVPY has begun from 6th Sep 2020 and the last date to complete registration is 5th Oct 2020. The KVPY 2020 Aptitude Test will now be conducted on 31st January 2021. The result is expected to be declared in February 2020.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has been quite overwhelming for all. Everyone has been impacted in some or the other way by this deadly virus. Students, especially preparing for competitive exams like KVPY, JEE, BITSAT, NTSE, etc.

How to crack KVPY 2020?

Cracking the exam for all streams requires a thorough understanding of the chapters and their concepts. With coaching centres shut, maintaining a study schedule, and preparing in the right way hasn’t been possible for the students.

Keeping in mind the well-being and interest of the students, and leveraging the idea of continuous learning despite any circumstances, myPAT, online learning and assessment platform, has started its free 14-day trial for KVPY. Now you can enjoy seamless learning in the comfort of your home. This is the perfect recipe for KVPY success.

What is the myPAT 14-day free trial?

With your free trial, you will get the following benefits:

  • 14 concept tests
  • Full-length sample tests
  • Previous year papers
  • Preparation tracker
  • In-depth, personalised analysis

Note: You can reattempt the previously attempted tests any number of times during your free trial.

How does it help?

Exams like KVPY required concept clarity and that can only be achieved when you regularly practice questions based on concepts. With the concept tests provided by myPAT, you can get a firm hold on all your concepts, one by one.

Not only this, but you also get a personalised analysis of your test attempt that includes different types of features like the following:

  • Comparative Analysis (comparison with topper and average scorers)
  • SWOT Analysis (identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Behavioural Insights (ace and lazy attempts in tests)
  • Test Difficulty (subject-wise difficulty level of the test)
  • Time Strategy (overall speed, time taken and time wasted)
  • Solutions (all solutions to the questions of the test)
  • Attempt Summary (attempt rate and accuracy rate of your test), etc.

To make sure that your preparation is back on track and your studies don’t get hampered anymore, you have the right platform to practice on in the form of myPAT. Online learning and digitalization are the things of the present and the future.

Traditional study methods have changed, and students are slowly but surely moving towards online learning. And with the current situation, it’s imperative that online learning should be encouraged by students and parents, respectively.

Hence, myPAT’s 14-day trial period offers precisely the same. You can stay home, stay safe and still keep learning.

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