Maths Books for IIT JEE Preparations

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With the latest announcement on JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, it has been made clear that the registration for JEE Mains begins on 1st December 2016 (For more details, refer to our blog). In this blog, we will discuss JEE Math in particular and various books and preparation tips for the same.

JEE Mains Math

What separates JEE Main Mathematics from the school textbook is the complexity of questions, traps set for test takers, and result-oriented approach over the method-oriented solution.

Recent trends in JEE Math

JEE Mains or Advanced has never been predictive and therefore never succumbed to any trend. In fact, one of the foremost reasons for JEE being tough is the unpredictive nature of the exam which often shocks the test takers.

However, a broader trend that has been noticed over the years, but which may not hold true for the coming JEE exam, suggests that topics like probability, Definite Calculus, and Trigonometry are asked in a twisted manner to elicit mistakes from test takers. Also, ‘Sequences and Series’, ‘Vectors’, ‘Circles’, and ‘Complex Numbers’ etc. are always included though their weightage may vary by a large extent.

Important Books

The Elements of Coordinate Geometry Cartesian Coordinates by S.L. Loney

This book has been referred as a holy grail for Coordinate Geometry and has very easy explanations of various concepts. In fact, a lot of books in the market are inspired by this book and have been customised better for JEE preparation. However, for reference to concepts, this book remains to be unbeaten for Coordinate Geometry.

Plane Trigonometry by S.L. Loney

Trigonometry is also a complex topic as it requires a deep memorization of various complex formulae. Here again, S.L Loney’s book on Plane Trigonometry is hailed as the best resource for preparation.

Problems in Calculus of one variable by I.A. Maron

I.A. Maron’s Calculus book is referred by most of the authors in concept introduction and explanation. Thus, from the perspective of building concepts, I.A Maron is highly recommended though it does not have JEE specific questions and examples.

Standard books like NCERT / R.D Sharma

Most of the students tend to ignore the standard books that have the major chunk of concept explanation and practice material for JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. Standard books like NCERT, State Board books, and textbooks present the best resources from various textbooks in a single source. Also, the various solved examples in these textbooks can always be referred for quick reference on problem solving and concept building.

Question Bank by reputed authors like TMH, M.L Khanna etc.

Last but not the least, mastering JEE Math requires a lot of practice and dedication. Therefore, students should always study from reputed questions banks which have a huge compendium and as well as exhaustive practice on all the types of questions and concepts.

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