Last Minute Tips for KVPY Exam Preparation

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KVPY is one of the most reputed scholarship programs which receives up to 1 lac applications annually from students all over the country. KVPY fellows bear the fruit of their accomplishments not only during their student life but even during their professional life.

While you have worked so hard and prepared day and night for KVPY, it becomes extremely essential that you do not miss the last-minute tips for the final exam.

  • Do not pick any new topic in the last few days. If you have not prepared it till now, picking it up in the last will only confuse you more and can make you forget other things.
  • Last day revision of important formulas, notes, summaries, and weak concepts will help you strengthen the subject and boost your score in the final exam
  • Take a mock test time in a real exam environment. This will help you analyze what to and what not to do during the final exam. It will also help in relieving exam anxiety
  • Keep your head calm during the exam and keep telling yourself that “I can do it”. Having confidence in yourself will motivate you to perform better.
  • Start with the section you feel most confident about and the questions you are absolutely sure of. Do not take blind guesses. Negative marking can affect your score badly.

KVPY Exam Pattern 

KVPY is conducted for three levels of students namely

  • KVPY SA: for Class XI
  • KVPY SX: for Class XII
  • KVPY SB: for 1st-year students of B.Sc/B.S./Integrated M.Sc./M.S
    • The aptitude test is conducted in online mode (Computer Based Test)).
    • Being conducted on 4 Nov 2018, it will start from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM for Stream SA. For Stream SB/SX, the exam will be conducted from 2 PM to 5 PM.
    • The question paper will be both in English & Hindi language.
    • It is a multiple-choice type question paper
    • The question paper will contain two sections: PART I & PART II. There will be four sections in PART I & PART II namely, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
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