Summer Camp For KVPY Fellows: Where Heroes Meet!

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summer camp

Before we begin, let’s look at what the exam is all about.

The scholarship programme known as the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) is an initiative to encourage and award academic talents to purse a research-based career in the field of basic sciences.

If you crack the KVPY exam and the interview, then you will be eligible to become a KVPY fellow. KVPY fellows are not only recipient of a scholarship up to pre-PhD level but also other perks that comes with it.

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Let’s look at it, shall we?

Basic Science coursesMonthly GrantAnnual contingency grant
SA/SX/SB – 1st to 3rd years of B.Sc./B.S./B.Stat./B.Math./Integrated M.Sc./M.S.Rs. 5000Rs. 20000
SA/SX/SB – during M. Sc./4th to 5th years of  Integrated M.Sc./M.S./M.Math./M.Stat.Rs. 7000Rs. 28000

Privileges that you can’t ignore

If monetary benefits are not what you are after and you are looking more into academic benefits, then KVPY is here to surprise you.

The benefits that are icing on the cake:

  • If you are KVPY fellow and want to continue your scholarship, then you have to complete a summer project in a DISR designated National or International institute. The summer project is essential in continuing to receive the scholarship along with getting good grades. The project will help you to get a head start in your pursuit of a research-based career.
  • You will also be receiving a KVPY fellow ID card. The perk of this ID card is that you will have access to many National universities and their laboratories. This is a bonus feature for a KVPY fellow looking to do wonders in the field of research.
  • You can also attend a week-long summer camp and connect with other KVPY fellow. Let’s discuss about the benefits of the summer camp.
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The infamous KVPY summer camp

Yes, finally we are getting into the topic we promised to discuss.

These one to two week-long summer camps is a wonder initiative for KVPY fellows to expose themselves to:

  • Methods of scientific research.
  • Inculcating an interest in doing scientific research.

The KVPY summer camp is organized during summer vacation period, wherein the KVPY fellows can spend the time in a designated scientific institution:

  • Attending lectures by experts in the subjects of basic sciences.
  • Observe research being done in a real environment.
  • Getting to know how scientists work and interacting with them.
  • Accessing laboratories.
  • Interacting with co-fellows and exchanging ideas.

The summer camp can be very enriching not only in terms of exposure to knowledge and practicalities of research but also creating a nexus of like-minded people. This camp is like a treasure trove of information wherein you can gain and share knowledge.

The network you can form in this camp will stay with you forever and this nexus will come in handy when you will be completing your studies and will be looking out for jobs.


Now you know the advantages of the KVPY fellowship programme besides the financial benefits. So, what are you waiting for? Prepare yourself to be a KVPY fellow, meet other heroes and make the world a better place to live in.

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