Building Concepts in class 9th

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Class 9th comes as a first big surprise in a student’s life wherein he/she is introduced to new concepts and exposed to higher difficulty level questions and concepts. If the student is a science aspirant, it adds more pressure as he needs to ensure a robust foundation for his concepts. As the student is preparing for coveted entrance examinations, he/she has to ensure to build a robust understanding of fundamentals as well as competitive examination aptitude.

Why is it important to start in class 9th?

Most of the science and Math topics taught in class 9th are to be studied later in the higher grades with higher intensity and in a detailed manner. Although the complexity of these topics in upcoming grades is very high, building interest in the concepts is an added advantage as it would ensure a good conceptual foundation.

In Mathematics, chapters like Coordinate Geometry, Surface Areas and Volumes, Statistics, and Probability are very important from the conceptual point of view. Also, these chapters are an important constituent of competitive examinations.

In Physics, the concepts like Newton’s laws of motion, Force, Gravitation, Work and Energy, and Sound are very easy and highly scoring. Though the same chapters are also covered in class 11th and 12th as well, there again conceptual clarity is required from previous grades only.

In chemistry, Atoms and Molecules, and Structure of an Atom is the most important concept from competitive examinations point of view.

In Biology, the concepts like Cells, Tissues, and Diseases are very important for a sound conceptual foundation for competitive examination.

How to build concepts in Class 9th?

Building concepts in class 9th require laying more stress on Science subjects as compared to the other subjects. For a student aspiring to compete in entrance examinations in few years, it is utmost important to ensure that he/she develops the basic concepts right from the beginning.

Experts suggest these strategies build concepts from class 9th onwards:

  • Extra time for Science and Math: Since Science and Math are important for competitive examinations like JEE and BITS, it is important for aspirants to devote double time and give in more efforts in these subjects.
  • Better understanding: To build in better understanding, students should give in voluntary efforts like reading about the concepts over the internet. Even referring to the animations and videos based on the concepts helps to build the concepts.
  • Practice: Class 9th students should devote time to numerically based on the concepts in order to ensure extensive practice for longer retention.
  • Competitive examination: In order to build aptitude for competitive examinations, students need to be well versed with examination handling mechanisms right from class 9th. Appearing for examinations like NTSE and other Olympiads is a very good practice for aspirants to build an examination oriented study technique.
  • Keeping track of competitive examinations: Though a student cannot start JEE or BITS preparation right from class 9th, he/she should keep a track of all the news and success stories relevant to these examinations. This is very necessary for building the right attitude for these examinations.

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