How to Make a Perfect Study Plan

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How to Make a Perfect Study Plan?

Every exam needs to have well-planned preparation which means that creating a study plan or timetable. It will help you with time management strategy during preparing for competitive exams and crack it. There are some competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, NEET, and BITSAT, etc. in India which require meticulous preparation and a better study plan.

Every student knows what study planning is and they have made many plans during their school or exam preparation, but it is important to have a schedule that helps you crack the exam. A study plan is a well-structured schedule that helps you to plan your study time, classes, and other important things in life like eating, sleeping, social life, etc.

Sometimes it is hard to find the time to study all the important subjects and a study plan will help you to balance your studies. If you follow these simple steps below you will make a perfect study plan for yourself –

Set Your Goals

Having a study goal is important if you want to succeed in school or exams. it will give you the much-needed motivation to try and work hard to realize it. Goals will help students manage their time, focus on study, and push them to create a timetable or plan. Write down your goal in bold and commit the number of hours for your study to achieve that goal.

Make The List

Before you start creating a timetable, list down all the things important to do like – eating, sleeping, break time, exercise, etc., and subjects you need to study for the exam. it will give you the flexibility to allocate the time for each subject like you will allocate less time for the subject which is your strong area and allocate more time to subjects in which you are weak.

Prioritize Your List

After making an important list of things, you should prioritize them. Figure out which in which subject you are confident and which subject you’ll need to work hard. Create a checklist and put down each topic in the table and highlight your weak topics by a rating method. This will help you to disburse your time in the right way. If you like to study in groups then study with friends who have strong knowledge of your weaker subjects.

Analyze your Habits & Learning Style

To make a study plan work better, you need to find out which learning style works for you and which learning style doesn’t work for you. Is studying for long hours a day is most effective for you or study in small blocks of time helps with your preparation? Is studying at a certain time of day much productive for you? Does studying a subject just after class is good to retain the knowledge?

you need to ask these questions to yourself and analyze your habit to make a better study plan. it will help you to understand that studying at which time will be more productive and best for you.

Develop a Schedule

you have now developed your list of studies, understand, and analyze how much time you need for studying to schedule or create a study plan for yourself. Make your study calendar like a commitment you’re made for cracking the exam. it will ensure you that this is the time set aside especially for study and no other purposes. By any means, you shouldn’t miss this study time.

Plan out your schedule subject-wise like which subject you want to study on a specific day to make sure that you dedicate enough time to that subject. You can dedicate more days to a weak subject and fewer days to the subject you good at. For example, if you are preparing for IIT JEE and math and physics is your weak subject, you can schedule math study on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, physics for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. And chemistry for any two days in the week. This way you will be able to cover all your JEE Main syllabus more smartly.

Stick to Your Plan

You have created a plan, now what you must do is to stick to that plan. if you procrastinate then your plan will not create any value in your studies, and you will not get benefited from it. Here are some points to follow which helps you to stay on track –

  • Find a good location to study in peace.
  • Don’t make an unrealistic study plan. try to create a schedule that you can follow easily but it doesn’t mean to have less time for study on the timetable and more for games, sleep, and other things.
  • Study subjects at the time you set for them.
  • Make short notes for each of the formulas and concepts.
  • Don’t just write “study chemistry” in the timetable at certain hours instead write “learn 10 equations today from organic chemistry”. This way you know what you will learn.
  • Practice previous year papers and online mock tests to implement what you studied will help to stay on the course. You will be able to identify your strong points and work on your weaknesses.

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Remove Distractions

Distractions can surely hamper your performance in exams. It came in many forms caused by you or others. Social media platforms, tv shows, and movies, all of the entertainment can be tempting during exams but you must try to resist them at any cost as it will keep you unfocused and away from preparation.

you need to commit to yourself to focus only on studying and do everything else later. Motivating yourself will help you to stay away from distractions.

Remember to Take Breaks

It’s good to take small breaks while studying for exam preparation. If you are focused for a long time of the study, it wouldn’t be good for your brain because after a certain point your concentration will begin to wane. Breaks will help your brain to rejuvenation time and required rest.

Studies suggest that using the Pomodoro technique while studying helps improve concentration and productivity. In this technique, students can break down the study in a timed manner with short breaks in between. You can take 10-15 minutes of break-in 1:30 hour of study. You can use this break to connect with your friends, spend time with family and play games maybe.

To make the study plan works, you need to follow it strictly and stick to it. There is no exam in this world you cant crack if you follow your plans and believe in yourself. All the best.

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