Being teacher – a profession to be proud of….

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It had been a great time teaching and servicing students. While we teachers are all in the same boat, taking our beloved students to their desired and deserved destinations, we ourselves are students and are constantly learning and upgrading.

All through my teaching career,I had been wondering and trying to figure out that in the teaching career what is the best way for us to flourish. Is it a race of being a more and more popular teacher day by day or updating knowledge and skills every moment and hence being a correct teacher rather than a popular teacher.

The role of teacher, as best understood by me , is role of a mirror, that shows the correct picture to all students/pupils/followers in such a way that everyone after identifying the problems are more and more enthused to eradicate it, as if it was just a matter of realization. Within our classroom-lectures, questions, conversation etc. we try to directly / indirectly show the real scenario to our students. And simultaneously we ensure that they don’t take it otherwise, rather they seek this as an opportunity to fill the gaps easily and happily.


The task apparently might seem to be easy, but to be such a parabolic mirror, which shows the real picture but with all skewed possibilities of quick corrections, demands to have a steep bent in our persona without making it evident to the rest of the world.

While we teachers continue to do the pious job in Teach and Learn mode, I take this opportunity to draw attention of people towards this most rewarding and satisfying career.

Be one of us and feel blessed….


By Mr. Ashish Khare

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