JEE Preparation through online learning

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One of the biggest changes in the past few years that has seamlessly transformed our lives is the rate of penetration of computers and the internet. Terms like digitization and online/offline have become a part of the colloquial language. The government is laying high emphasis on digitization and the internet which has led to the rapid adoption of mobile internet.

Education has equally been transformed by digitization. Online learning is gaining ground in the Indian subcontinent and likes thereby creating outreach to the masses. This form of learning is hailed as the future of education and test preparation. A lot of e-learning websites offer MOOCs and test preparation assistance for exams like JEE Main, CAT, and even the international level exams like SAT.

myPAT offers more than test preparation like other e-learning websites. Through the myPAT platform, online learning is used to offer unlimited test preparation to learners, ascertain their strengths and weaknesses, acquaint them with the same to take the best remedial action. myPAT empowers its test-takers through:

  1. Self-Analysis

    myPAT online learning portal analyses the performance of a test-taker in each chapter and question type. Unlike other e-learning websites that merely provide learning or test preparation, myPAT keeps an account of your strengths and weaknesses to keep you apprised of your performance.

  1. Huge series of Tests

    myPAT offers a huge number of tests in varied packages. The more the test taker practices over myPAT, the better are his/her competencies evaluated through the platform. In many instances, the analysis done by peers or teachers is prone to human errors as these are based on intuition wherein students do not get correct feedback and analysis.

  1. Cost-beneficial

    Online learning is highly scalable and thus cost beneficial for learners. myPAT tests cost the learners lesser than the stationary. Also, the detailed insights provided over the website are highly precise which otherwise would cost a learner very high in terms of specialized counseling.

  1. Asynchronous

    Another benefit offered by e-learning and online test preparation is the asynchronous nature of learning wherein a test taker can attempt at his/her own comfort.

  1. Insights for Preparation 

    myPAT tools, if used properly and regularly, offer students highly crucial assistance for study. These insights help students strategize their study i.e. chapters and topics to study on priority.

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