Time Management Tips & Tricks during Exam Preparation

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Time Management Tips & Tricks during Exam Preparation

It’s known to everyone that time management has a huge role to play when it comes to competitive exam preparation, as well as during the actual exam.

Time management is the key to academic success.  Every aspirant preparing for any competitive exam or entrance exam must learn some precious time management tips to help their cause. If you can’t manage your time meticulously, it would lead to a serious dent in your whole preparation process.

We will reveal some fantastic tips for you so that you can learn time management during the preparation phase and the actual exam.

Let’s first learn about the time management tricks you must follow during your preparation phase so that all your hard work pays off at the exam time. Read on:

  1. Set Priority

    Make a priority list of things to do the night before or first thing in the morning. This will keep your brain focused on the most crucial work at the top of your priority list.

  2. Follow a Schedule

    It is critical to plan ahead of time and be organized before the exam. Creating a study timetable ensures that enough time is allotted for each lesson and subject to be learned. Check how many days you have available and make a plan based on that. Make a study timetable and write down the number of hours required for each lesson.

  3. Solve Mock Tests

    As the majority of the exams like JEE Main & Advanced, BITSAT, etc. are conducted online, you must solve online mock tests that could help you learn time management effectively. Attempting online mock tests will aid you in answering questions within a time frame and help you increase up your question-solving speed.

  4. Use Timer

    To stay on track, set a timer for each task. Allow yourself one hour if you know you can read 20 pages of your book in an hour; otherwise, you may find yourself looking at the book two hours later because you drifted asleep or were texting with a friend.

  5. Get a Study Guide

    Every current study guide will have practice tests, study materials, and approaches to taking the test. Typically, these guides include simulated exams to practice taking the exam and seeing how well you do while keeping the time in mind. For online practice, e-learning platform like myPAT provides a variety of resources like previous year papers, mock tests, and eBooks, etc. for boosting your preparation.

The above were some tips that you can follow during preparation. However, time management in the actual exam is equally important for the desired performance.

Let’s learn some handy tips that could help you maximize your time during the exams. Read on:

  • Read the Questions Carefully

    When you first get the paper, scan through all of the questions before picking up your pen. Skimming the paper allows you to locate vital information that may be hidden in the exam and determine which questions you wish to answer if you have a choice.

  • Attempt Easy Questions First

    Answering the easy questions first is a suitable time-management method for exams. The aim is that you will finish these questions quickly, possibly faster than you anticipated, giving you more time to work on the more difficult areas. If any questions require extra time to calculate, leave them for now and answer them in the next run.

  • Keep an Eye on the Question’s Worth

    After you’ve answered the simple questions, concentrate on the ones that will fetch you the most marks. For this, you must also be aware of the exam pattern. Solving previous year papers helps you gain knowledge of the exam pattern and the kind of questions that could come in the exam.

  • Use a Watch

    Make sure you’re wearing a watch so you can stay on track with your time budget. You won’t be able to bring your phone into the exam hall, so you’ll have to keep track of your own time. Always keep an eye on the time.

  • Calculate Time per Question

    Spend one or two minutes at the start of the exam determining which questions require more time and which may be completed quickly. Then set aside enough time to complete the easier ones first, so you can get a lot done in a short amount of time. Then move on to the questions that will take longer to answer.

Apart from these, make sure you’re studying in an area that is dedicated to studying and that it takes you only seconds to start with your studies. Ideally, you would have a table with all your study materials on it and nothing else. Also, ensure that you have no easy access to any distractions. Turn the internet off, switch off your phone, whatever.

Here you go, now you know some awesome tips and tricks to manage your time effectively when you’re preparing for a competitive exam.

All the best for your exam!

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