Various specializations at the IITs

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Examinations are an integral part of the Indian educational system. Among the various examinations held at various levels, JEE Main and JEE Advanced are surely one of the toughest. Qualifying JEE Advanced is has a high prestige value in our country where huge stress is laid on education especially science and engineering.


Having become an IT superpower, India’s most prized possession is perhaps the intellectual capital. While our English proficiency gives us an edge over Chinese, the computer proficiency in Indian programmers is no less than world class. In fact, Indians are known to have a huge majority in IT giants like Google, Facebook, and many other promising start-ups in the Silicon Valley.


Here, in this blog, we take a close peep into the preference of most meritorious Indian students who have all the options at their disposal. The below trends are indicative of engineering aspirants’ preferences and it shows which study streams are most prestigious and highest paid in various IITs.


  1. Computer Science branch at each of the IIT is the first branch to be filled. The trend has been exhibited by all the IITs.
  2. 4-year B. Tech. Courses are preferred by students in comparison to 5-year B. Tech + M. Tech integrated programs.
  3. Students in general prefer the Electronics, Mechanical, Electrical, Computing and similar branches in various previously established IITs in comparison to the newer ones.
  4. Aerospace and Chemical Engineering are generally lesser preferred than the branches mentioned earlier.
  5. IIT Mumbai is usually the first one to ben filled which is followed closely by IIT Delhi.
  6. IIT Chennai and IIT Kanpur are equally preferred after IIT Mumbai and Delhi.
  7. The closing JEE Advanced ranks for various colleges are:


InstituteCourseTradeClosing  JEE Adv Rank
IIT Bombay4-year B.Tech. CourseComputer Science and Engineering60
IIT Delhi4-year B.Tech. CourseComputer Science and Engineering115
IIT Madras4-year B.Tech. CourseComputer Science and Engineering173
IIT Delhi5-year B.Tech. + M.Tech. Dual Degree CourseComputer Science and Engineering186
IIT Bombay4-year B.Tech. CourseElectrical Engineering227
IIT Kanpur4-year B.Tech. CourseComputer Science and Engineering230
IIT Madras5-year B.Tech. + M.Tech. Dual Degree CourseComputer Science and Engineering278
IIT Kharagpur4-year B.Tech. CourseComputer Science and Engineering286
IIT Kharagpur5-year B.Tech. + M.Tech. Dual Degree CourseComputer Science and Engineering389
IIT Delhi4-year B.Tech. CourseMathematics and Computing397
IIT Delhi4-year B.Tech. CourseElectrical Engineering403
IIT Delhi5-year B.Tech. + M.Tech. Dual Degree CourseMathematics and Computing477


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