How to use myPAT?

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How to use myPAT?

Welcome to myPAT, your personalized guru. As you have taken the first right step to step into the world of myPAT, it’s time to explore that world.

There’s so much that you can do with myPAT – India’s Largest Online Learning Platform that can help you get exam-ready for your goal examination. Let’s dive deep into the world of myPAT and learn how to use myPAT.

Once you’re logged in, your Navigation Bar will look like this:

myPAT Navigation Bar

You can toggle between the Dashboard, Tests and Community Tabs from the Navigation Bar.

myPAT Dashboard

The home screen or the 1st Tab of your myPAT account is called myPAT Dashboard. Here’s how it looks like:


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Features of Dashboard

  • Customized Dashboard: You can create multiple dashboards and customize each one with data that’s most relevant for you. You can create a dashboard for one or more goals (target exams) with multiple performance matrices. Similarly, you can create multiple dashboards with multiple goals (target exams).
  • Add Cards Feature: This new feature will help you compare your performances based on various metrics. To unlock and add these cards to the Dashboard, you must take a minimum number of tests. These cards are divided into 4 types: Goal Oriented, Analytics, Action and Social Add the ones you need!
  • Goal Time Panel: This feature is a ticking clock, a countdown to your examination day (your goal exam). This feature will keep reminding you of your final goal and plan studies accordingly.

There’s a lot more you can do with your Dashboard. Here’s how you can create a new Dashboard:

creating new dashboard

myPAT Tests

The 2nd Tab of your Navigation Bar is the Tests tab. Here’s how the Tests Tab would look like:

myPAT Tests Tab

Features of myPAT Tests

  • Using the Sidebar: Your Sidebar contains the options of choosing your Test Type, Test Status, Subject, and Attempts. You can switch between Main and Concept Test, check the status of Live, Upcoming and Past Tests, choose your desired subject and check attempted or unattempted tests.
  • Search Bar: With the Search Bar, you can effortlessly search for any kind of a test, chapter or concept.
  • Goal-switching: You can switch between your Exam Goals and Years.

Here’s how you can switch between your Exam Goals and Years:

switching goals

myPAT Community

The next and 3rd Tab of your Navigation Bar is the Community Tab. It would look like this:

myPAT Community

Features of myPAT Community:

  • Instant Doubt Resolution: Community is a dedicated platform for you to not only get their doubts resolved but also to help each other out in the time of need, anytime anywhere.
  • Expert Advice: You can get expert advise and solutions from seniors, previous year toppers, mentors and other aspirants.
  • Instant Search: Simply search your topic or subject in the search bar of Community, and get instant results for the searched query.

Here’s how you can easily search for any query on Community:

Features of myPAT Community

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myPAT App

The last Tab and 4th Tab on your Navigation Bar is the myPAT app. You can enjoy all the benefits of myPAT on its app as well. It’s very easy to download. You simply need to click on the ‘Download App’ tab and enter your phone number to get the direct link to download the app.

Now that you know how to use myPAT and its features, it’s time to bring myPAT into play. Start using it, practice as much as you can, keep improving and watch yourself reach achieving your goal.

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