Chemistry Books for IIT JEE Preparations

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With the latest announcement on JEE Mains and JEE Advanced, the registration for JEE Mains is scheduled to commence on 1st December 2016 (For more details, refer to our blog). As our latest series of blogs and articles have been to focus subject-specific tips and books recommendations (more information on physics and math), this article deals with JEE Chemistry in particular and various books on the subject. (for similar insights on JEE math, refer to our previous blog)

JEE Mains Chemistry

JEE Chemistry comes as a big relief to few students who are good with the subject as it is comparatively easier and bit more predictable. However, a huge chunk of aspirants is disturbed by the subject as it requires memorization to a large extent.

Recent trends in JEE Physics

JEE Chemistry pattern, in comparison with Physics and Math, is slightly more predictable as it has been noticed that the questions are asked evenly from Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry as well.

Important Books

Physical Chemistry by O.P Tandon

This book presents complex chapters like Atomic Structure and Radioactivity in a very concise manner. This book is referred by almost all the faculty members and students alike. It has a meticulous theoretical explanation along with a very wide variety of numerical that help students deepen their conceptual understanding.

Organic Chemistry by Paula Bruice Yurkanis

This book has been an international bestseller for the kind of conceptual clarity that it provides to learners. The book presents concepts related to Hydrocarbons Stereochemistry and Resonance in a very easy manner.

Organic Chemistry by O.P Tandon

O.P Tandon’s Organic Chemistry has been lauded especially for systematic presentation tailored to JEE preparation. It has a huge set of solved and unsolved questions for strengthening students’ concepts.

NCERT class XI and XII for Inorganic Chemistry

NCERT is hailed to be the best resource for Inorganic Chemistry JEE preparation. It has very clear diagrammatic explanation of various topics and phenomena making it easier to understand and retain as well. No other Inorganic Chemistry book compares to NCERT for JEE preparation.

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