Last Month Preparation Tips for Jee Main Chemistry

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Chemistry as a subject is mandated in Indian education system. All the science students need to pursue Physics and Chemistry. It goes without mentioning that the subject is highly essential for all the engineering as well as medical entrance exams. It is often noticed that students proficient in Math do well at Physics and vice versa. However, the same is not necessarily applicable to the subject Chemistry.

Chemistry preparation, in contrast with Math and Physics, is slightly differently oriented. It requires memorisation, visualisation, and clarity of concepts. Chemistry preparation strategy should have a provision to revisit all the chapters and concepts. Chemistry is a highly scoring subject if the concepts and equations are well brushed up before the examination. Our previous blog was focused on last month preparation tips for Physics and Math. Likewise, herein we share tips to be followed in the last month to ensure good score in Math.

  • Maintaining visual tools: Chemistry concepts are relatively easier but need constant revision. It is advisable to visit the periodic table and probably memorise some critical elements. Also, sticky notes, flash cards and charts can be used to keep certain key reactions and formulae to be revised during free time. The same practice is useful for memorising Chemistry for board exams as well.(Read more from our blog on How to manage board and JEE together and Essentials of Board Preparation)
  • Prioritise between Organic, Inorganic and Physical: It has been noticed that the JEE Chemistry is equally split into Organic, Inorganic and Physical chemistry. It is important to prioritise between these three. Physical Chemistry has easy problems and require the formulae to be remembered thoroughly. These can be revised by having a quick look at the solved examples. Organic and Inorganic Chemistry involve remembering the structures and equations which needs can be done through cards or charts.
  • Referring to NCERT: NCERT Chemistry is a very important book and many of the topics required in JEE Chemistry are covered in the book completely. Few more concept building books for Chemistry can be referred. Thus, if you are preparing for you board exams concepts seriously, it will surely pay off in Chemistry as well.

  • Sample or previous papers: Previous year papers of JEE Chemistry are very easy sources to understand the pattern of questions asked in the JEE Main. If you have mastered concepts, referring to the solved examples is a highly productive practice which can lead to quick revision in very short time.
  • Free online resources: A lot of free videos, infographics or diagrams can be downloaded from the internet for free which can be used to revisit the concepts quickly and have a better understanding through visual depiction. You can identify such free resources and save the weblinks for quick reference.
  • Identify the recurring topics: This should be done before the commencement of exam season. You should check all the previous papers thoroughly and identify the concepts that are asked mostly. The formulae, Chemical Reactions, diagrams etc. from these chapters/concepts can be prioritised during the revision.

Lastly, maintaining an exam temperament is very important for which you need to do real-time practice papers. It is very important to know your likeliness of succeeding to prepare accordingly.

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