5 Sure Shot Ways to Crack the IIT-JEE

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5 Sure Shot Ways to Crack the IIT-JEE

If you see yourself getting admitted in an IIT, start early and plan well. It is obvious that you must put in a high level of dedication and hard work to crack the JEE Advanced. However, it is not only about the quantity of the efforts you put in, but also about the quality of preparation.

Here are 5 sure shot ways to crack the JEE Advanced examination:

#1 Start preparing early!

Being an early bird never costs you, rather you get rewarded well. If you start preparing from class 11th, then you hold a great advantage. Although, you can’t afford to start preparing with less than a year before the exam. If not at the start of class 11th, you must definitely start preparing from the start of your class 12th.
Get started on the same this way:

  • Go through the JEE Advanced syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Select the best study material – books, sample papers and previous year papers.
  • Start making a timetable for yourself. Consult others in creating a realistic timetable that would help you achieve your goal.
  • Limit your distractions – social networking, recreation or video games and focus on preparing right for JEE Advanced.

#2 Coaching or Self-study? Choose wisely

Statistically, it is perceived among many, that taking up coaching for JEE Advanced might help a candidate score high. However, whatever is taught in coaching can also be easily acquired by self-study. It is always a matter of managing your time well. However, time can always be managed efficiently among the following – sleeping, your eating habits, physical activities or entertainment.

So how do you decide?

Consider the pros and cons of both self-study and coaching and measure them against your convenience and your study habits. Ultimately, the right mental aptitude coupled with a positive attitude is what would help anyone crack the JEE Advanced.

#3 Prepare effectively

Divide time across multiple activities wisely. Do not allot time for a activity beyond the time that it actually requires. You can follow these practices to make your study exercise productive:

  • Take notes while you study every day.
  • When you see a new method of solving a question, try understanding the same and estimate the time you take to solve the same problem by the new method you just discovered.
  • Get your doubts promptly solved by your teacher, never pile them up.
  • Practice mock tests to track your strengths and weaknesses on a regular basis.

#4 Learn, Measure and Revise

While the topics that are asked in the IIT-JEE constitute are mostly from the CBSE syllabus, the approach differs, from that of a Board examination. In the Boards, a student is asked a question of a slightly lesser difficulty level. However, in the case of JEE, in-depth conceptual understanding is of paramount importance.

This can be gained only by the exhaustive practice of mock tests. Practice, measure your progress, track down your weak points and work to improve on them.

#5 Study in Groups

A lot of times, a student may find that by participating in a group study, he is able to contribute better to a discussion or understand things better. This may not be required to be undertaken on a regular basis, but studying in groups during regular intervals of the week, might boost a student’s confidence and address his doubts promptly.

Last but not the least, practice, practice and practice. Nothing else can make you perfect! So, All the Best!

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