The 7 habits that successful IITians follow

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The 7 habits that successful IITians follow

Being called an IITian is a matter of pride for Engineers and Engineering aspirants. To achieve the task of being called an IITian, is, however, a task that requires sheer hard work and consistency throughout the years of preparation.

Constant practice and dedication help one become an IITian. Certain habits and the daily routines of IIT toppers set them apart from others. They have an x-factor that makes them stand apart from the crowd. With JEE Main and JEE Advanced round the corner, the following information can be quite useful for JEE aspirants.

It is not just hard work that matters, and it is also a daily routine and self-made practices that help them step into the gates of the most prestigious institutes of the country. Everybody asks this question – How to crack IIT?” – the answer to this question is inculcating such habits that would last long till the exam knocks on your door.

Let’s learn about seven such habits and daily routines of successful IITians that would help you get some inspiration to crack JEE:

Time Management

Nothing can be achieved if you don’t respect time. Time is everything, and IITians know this well! They make sure they don’t lose any precious time during their preparation. So, they plan their days well in advance. They plan their day quite well, dedicating at least 8-10 hours to studying and the rest of the time goes to meals, exercise, other activities, and sleep.

Maintain Self-discipline

Discipline is one key factor that all IITians possess. Without any self-discipline, you can’t go ahead and bag a seat in IITs. Procrastination should be avoided, and the mind needs to be trained in a manner that no matter what, you don’t lose self-discipline and get carried away by things happening around you like mobile, TV, etc.

Understand, Don’t Memorize

Blindly memorizing the whole syllabus is a huge mistake that many aspirants do. This is where IITians differ, and they emphasize understanding the concepts and practical applications. Memorizing is not entirely useless, but it won’t help you in the long run. Therefore, you must focus on understanding the topics/concepts rather than relying on memorizing.

Start Early

This is one huge factor that sets IITians apart from others. They start early, and their preparation comes on track right from that very step. It gives them an edge over the competitors and keeps track of their preparation as well right from the word go. It helps them iron out their weaknesses and turn them into their strengths right before the exam. Starting early is more than necessary when it comes to cracking JEE.

Smart Reading

There is an abundance of books and study material available for JEE. It’s important not to get overwhelmed by all and start studying from every book. It is essential to consult your teachers or tutors to help you with the right book for the right subject. It will result in clarity of mind and also help in avoiding wastage of your precious time.

Taking Care of Health

If you’re physically unwell, your mind won’t function the way it should. There should be a perfect balance between physical and mental fitness. IIT toppers give special priority to their health because with an unhealthy body; you won’t be able to study for long durations consistently. Spending sleepless nights, skipping meals, and exercise should be strict no-no during your preparation. Health has to be your foremost priority, along with studying.

Treat Yourself

Treating yourself is a great way to stay motivated. Successful IITians have this fantastic habit of treating themselves at every checkpoint, like completing a chapter in time, revising a concept in time, etc. It’s paramount to set yourself manageable goals and work hard to attain them. Whenever you think you have done justice to what you promised yourself, give yourself a nice treat or reward for the achievement.

So, from the above points, we can figure out that apart from sheer hard work, it’s the daily routine they follow which makes them the IIT toppers. If you want to be one of them, just follow these tips and you’ll thank us later.

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