JEE Advanced to be held Online Completely

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The much-speculated debate on JEE exam has come to conclusion after all the IITs have unanimously decided to conduct the JEE Advanced exam online from the upcoming 2018 session. The decision was taken in the meeting of the JAB (Joint Admission Board) which was held in IIT Chennai. In the latest meeting, the Joint Admission Board also said that further information and details about the online exam is to be conducted would be shared in the forthcoming press releases. There were many errors in this year’s question paper which prompted the JAB to make this change that ensures greater transparency and easier evaluations.

This was being speculated after all the major competitive exams in the world have switched to an online mode completely. It is anticipated that JEE Main would have more applicants would go with online mode as it would provide students an idea about JEE Advanced.

Online JEE: Common traps for losing marks

A thorough analysis of all the scenarios where one loses marks yields a few reasons for losing marks:

  • Careless mistakes/complacency: These mistakes are a result of over-confidence or tendency to skip steps.
  • Inadequate conceptual knowledge: For avoiding losing out marks in this manner, a test taker needs to be well-aware of his strengths and weaknesses.
  • Lack of speed, exam practice and temperament: Exam readiness needs to be honed through timed rehearsals and practice. Maintaining concentration and stamina for a long time is very important and not having the same leads to mistakes and loss of marks.
  • Lack of simulated practice: As the JEE exam has such fierce competition, a single mark can cost the student very high. Thus, a student should not feel alien to the standard exam scenario. All the major institutes used to conduct test series on a large scale which emulated the actual examination scenario. Now, the students need to find quality learning platforms which can replicate the actual test environment.


What does it mean for the students?

For students, this move mandates online preparation. While large number of students have started preparing online, many students need to train themselves to perform in online exams. Read more on our blog titled JEE preparation through online learning.


Right Preparation strategy: A right examination preparation strategy implies solid concepts as well as exam readiness. For strengthening concepts, tests need to be a continual part of learning. For longer retention of concepts, minor tests at the end of each sub-part of the chapter and then at the end of the chapter are very important.


The perfect rehearsal: For exam readiness, rigorous testing simulated to the examination pattern is important. These include model tests, sample papers or mock exercises. A right preparation strategy needs to be an optimum mixture of the extensive practice and simulated testing environment to ensure the best of performance.

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Competition: How tough does it get?

A close look at the ‘JEE rank’ versus ‘marks obtained’ yields that losing out a single mark can lead to considerable downfall in the rank obtained. Based on the marks scored by top 500 rankers in JEE, +1 or -1 mark can lead to a +5 or -5 effect in the JEE rank. Similarly, a single mark can make a difference of 20 ranks in 500-1000 rank category, 40 ranks in 1000-2000 rank category, and 80 ranks in 2000-5000 rank categories.

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