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JEE Advanced is going to witness a paradigm shift starting from the year 2018. Our previous series of articles focused the changes that would be expected in JEE Advanced exam from 2018. This is a major change in the exam which can benefit dedicated learners and adversely affect the ones who rely more on hacks than concepts. To summarize, the new online JEE 2018 has made it easier for diligent students who are strong in their core concepts.

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In view of these changes, students need to make certain changes to their strategy to perform online. In this blog, we would discuss the most frequently made mistakes and how students can tackle those. We discussed the changes that the students need to incorporate to perform online. With the announcement, it is more important for the students to check to it that their concepts are strong.

Why have MCQs been replaced by Short Answer Types?

JEE Advanced had MCQs for which the candidates marked on optical mark reading (OMR) sheets and were evaluated by machines later. Introduction of a Keyboard based answer writing system would ensure that students conceptual knowledge is tested. The answer would not be marked solely by the solution. The student would rather have to authenticate his concepts and approach by demonstrating the method used to arrive at the solution. This change would curb the malpractices further.

From testing point of view

The move is likely to make it easier for JAB to set question papers in a way that tests the concept extensively. The main goal of JAB is to set traps for the JEE aspirants which was limited in scope in the MCQ pattern. The limited options of answers made it easier for students who could find the knack of arriving at the right solution without having an extensive knowledge of the concept. Now that the keyboard has been mandated, the student would need to justify answers making the evaluation process fair.

Concept based questions versus memorization based

With the change, it is being anticipated that the share of concept based questions would increase. While students used to memorize the formulae, and arrive on answers in the MCQ based pattern, it would not work in the short answer type pattern where detailed explanation is sought.

How to prepare for the Online JEE 2018

To excel in the new pattern, timed rehearsal is important. Also, spend more time on concepts now and try to arrive on solutions without skipping the step. You should practice pattern specific mock tests online to be well acquainted to the pattern. This is important for the student to build the right temperament for JEE Advanced. Read more on our blog titled JEE preparation through online learning.

As soon as the new pattern tests are available, take mock tests seriously and practice on simulated JEE-like conditions.

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