Online test series for JEE: How to choose the best one?

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Online test series for JEE: How to choose the best one?

Lakhs of aspirants prepare every year for JEE – one of the biggest entrance examinations for budding Engineers. It is the gateway to the Indian Institutes of Technology, popularly known as the IITs. Students dream of making it to the IITs as it can change the course of their lives. You get to spend the 4 years of your lives with brilliant likewise minds and end up getting recruited by top companies of the globe.

However, cracking JEE Main and JEE Advanced to reach the IITs takes huge effort and consistent hard work. Your sheer dedication and proper preparation can help you fulfill your goals. When it comes to preparation, aspirants generally depend on coaching classes and syllabus taught in their schools. In the current scenario, we all know the impact that COVID-19 has had on students’ preparation. Schools and coaching centers have shut, so what’s the best bet?

It’s nothing else but choosing the best online test series, that helps you in clearing your concepts, build practical knowledge and make you exam-ready. There’s no dearth of online test series in the market but when it comes to choosing one, many get confused. To remove this confusion and help you choose the most effective online test series, we have jotted down some important factors that you need to consider before finalizing one:

  1. Solutions after the Test

    Result checking is one of the most important factors that one should look for in an online test series. Once you attempt the test, a detailed solution of all the questions should be readily available to you for clearing all your doubts and issues. Once you have the solutions, you can understand what went right and what went in the wrong direction in your attempt.

  2. Detailed Analysis

    Every online test series provides sample tests and mock tests to help you get ready for the exam. But not all test series provide you with a detailed and personalized analysis of your test attempt that can help you understand the tiniest details of your test attempt.
    Examples like comparative analysis through which you can find how you performed against the top and average scorers, SWOT analysis to understand your weakness and strengths, behavioral insights to know how slow or fast your attempt was, and much more. myPAT’s detailed personalized analysis provides all of this and more to the users.

  3. Variety of Tests

    Students must ensure that the online test series they choose, must have a variety of tests that should gauge their concept knowledge, topic understanding, and clarity of all subjects. The test series must have a breakdown of the entire syllabus from subjects to every concept of the syllabus, to help you achieve concept level clarity.

  4. Ease of Access

    Online test series that are available both on the website, as well as an app, can help students have great accessibility. Previous year papers to solve in a PDF form are also a great source of preparation. The test series should not be restricted to just one platform, it should be readily available as per the convenience of the users.

  5. Reasonable Pricing

    This is also a huge factor when it comes to choosing and finalizing the test series. If you can find the combination of the above-mentioned points in an online test series, you can simply go ahead with choosing it if it falls within your budget. You must not overspend but also keep in mind the features that you’ll get out of your choice.

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It can be concluded that online test series are quite crucial when it comes to JEE preparation. If you’re looking for the best features at the best price, you can explore myPAT’s online test series for JEE Main and JEE Advanced, which are made by experts who believe that learning should just not be restricted to schools and coaching centres.

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