The Exemplary Achievement of Tulip Pandey, AIR 79 – JEE Advanced 2019

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The Exemplary Achievement of Tulip Joshi, AIR 79 – JEE Advanced 2019

Tulip Pandey, the supergirl from Mumbai, became one of the toppers among girls from Maharashtra by securing AIR 79 in JEE Advanced 2019. Tulip not only got a great rank but also amassed the 3rd highest marks between girls in India.

She is the perfect example of girl power and is an inspiring figure for every girl. We, at myPAT, are extremely proud to celebrate the achievements of the country’s brilliant girls like Tulip Pandey.

Overcoming the Struggles

During her preparations, Tulip had a tough time as her family had to relocate constantly. She had switched 11 schools and 7 cities due to her father’s transfers. Eventually, she moved to Mumbai, and amidst all the distractions, she stood firm and focused. She was motivated and determined to reach her destination, and she proved all her distractors wrong.

Tulip is now pursuing the elusive Computer Science program from IIT Bombay. She hopes to work as a software researcher for big giants like Google or Microsoft.

The Golden Advice

In a field dominated by boys, Tulip stood up and made her mark by achieving this brilliant feat. She believes that it’s the girls’ mindset which restricts them from succeeding at this level. She thinks that girls underestimate themselves and keep their expectations low, which result in an average performance in JEE.

Tulip has urged all girls to – keep their heads high, not get fazed away by the exam’s stature, consider themselves as competitive as boys in their batch and get rid of the barrier which keeps them from putting up a good show in JEE.

The Anticipated Interview with myPAT

myPAT grabbed this golden opportunity to interview Tulip Pandey at her current place, IIT Bombay. She showed us around the IIT Bombay campus, shared her preparation methods and revision techniques, and joked discussed the biggest problem faced by IIT Mumbai students – Animals – yes, you read that right!

Here are some excerpts from the interview with Tulip:

Question: Tell us a little about the campus, and how does it feel to be here?  

Answer: The campus is great, it has a number of facilities. You can go to the great library; they have many food services, many restaurants, and cafes as well as food trucks. I am a food lover, so I’ll also focus on that and the food is great too.

There are a lot of animals as well; you can spot leopards easily. There are a beautiful lake and a mountain for trekking as well.

Question: There are not so many girls among JEE toppers, you mostly find boys among the toppers. What is the reason behind this?

Answer: There are a few girls because girls feel that they won’t be able to match up with boys. If you tell the girls to compete with the boys in the class, they might want to do better than the best girl in the batch but not compete with the guys who are there. They would always say that they are from a different league, and it’s difficult to compete with them.

The main problem is that they underestimate themselves. They always keep their expectations very low. They should keep their expectations high; then they can cross any barriers coming their way.

Question: How did you prepare for the exam?

Answer: I joined FIITJEE initially in class 11th in Bhopal, then I shifted to Mumbai FIITJEE centre. When we enroll in FIITJEE, we directly get a myPAT account. I started using it at the beginning of class 12th. I was extremely excited when I started using it because I feel that it is a break from the monotonous study pattern.

myPAT has an interactive kind of interface. It is also a place which makes you feel competitive because you take a different type of exams of different durations. Through these exams, you get to test yourself, you get to understand about the best ranking and scores, and you can always aim to achieve that score.

You can also compete with your friends by interacting with them, and you get immediate results as well. It gives you instant results after the exam. There are a lot of things in myPAT which are better than the normal coaching pattern because it tells you about your scope of improvement, weak and strong topics so that you can understand your strengths and weaknesses.

Question: How did you revise the whole syllabus?

Answer: I had this pattern where I used to revise everything once. If I had done about two topics in a month, I would revise it just after that and wouldn’t wait for the whole syllabus to get over. In FIITJEE, we have AITS test which is taken 2 or 3 times in a year. It helps us revise the syllabus up to the date of the exam.

Question: What tips would you give for the day of the exam?

Answer: One must not feel hungry during the examinations, that’s a very important thing. You should keep medicines for headaches and other problems so that stay fit during the exam.

To know about her favourite subject, recommended books, stress-relieving techniques and a lot more, check out the full video interview here:

Tulip Joshi is an exemplary girl who is full of confidence and self-belief. Despite all the hurdles she faced during the preparations, she came out as a winner. We are so proud to have met her, and we sincerely hope she sets a great example for others as well.

Tulip is one of ‘s success stories; we are looking forward to meeting and talk with many more girls like Tulip, who is truly a revelation for girls her age.

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