2018: Acing Math for the JEE

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As the JEE marks its arrival following the completion of board exams, students often find it tough to concentrate during this phase as they succumb to the pressure. As many of the students have a challenging time during this preparation phase, half of the competition can be conquered by managing your time and studies well. In our series of upcoming webinars and blogs, we will focus comprehensively on exam day tips and preparation for specific subjects.

This blog is in continuation of our erstwhile webinar which focused on JEE Math. The blog focused more on JEE Main Math as it is the primary gateway for gaining eligibility for JEE Advanced. The webinar targets most frequent queries posted by the attendees during the webinar.

Math: JEE Main and JEE Advanced myths

Now, many of you should dispel a few myths to better know the JEE Math. For the JEE Main, one of the biggest myth that students have is that the Math paper is lengthy as compared to others. However, it is very important to note that the paper tends to get longer if the student has not done real-time practice. It is important to maintain the speed while attempting questions from varying concepts.

Another big myth is that the questions are beyond the reach of class board exam books and the emphasis on class XII is higher than class XI. As per experts, all the concepts are from textbooks but may be difficult in complexity. The best approach to take herein is to emphasize on the board textbook and another textbook featuring questions tailored to JEE. However, it is more important to maintain strong concepts. As far as the emphasis on class XI versus class XII subjects is concerned, JEE is one of the most unpredictable exams and based on experts’ opinion, you need to be good with both the classes.

As far as JEE Advanced is concerned, the myth that JEE Advanced is very tough is highly prevalent. But, if mistakes are avoided, then 75% of the paper is easily manageable.

Online JEE Advanced and Short Answer questions

JEE Advanced is going to be online from this year for which the JAB has done the preparations, students need to make sure to do the preparation online. There were many errors in this year’s question paper which prompted the JAB to make this change that ensures greater transparency and easier evaluations. Read more on our blog titled JEE to go Online completely.

As far as short answer type questions are concerned, JAB has not issued any such communication and it is highly unlikely that it will be done so late now.

JEE Math Questions

JEE Main comprises of 30 questions to be solved in 60 minutes. Based on experts, approximately 10 questions are easy, 15 are medium, and 5 are difficult.

Cut-off: Solving 20 questions without error will fetch you very marks to qualify for JEE Advanced. But you need more than 24-25 questions correctly.

JEE Advanced comprises of 36-40 questions to be solved in 60 minutes. Based on experts, approximately 10-14 questions are easy, 14-18 are medium, and 8-12 are difficult. You have nearly 3-3:30 minutes per question.

Cut-off: The cut-off in JEE Advanced Math was ~ 128 marks out of 366 which is nearly 35% and 45% marks make up for a very good score in JEE Advanced Math.

More information on important concepts can be taken from our blogs JEE Advanced: Interesting Facts – I and JEE Advanced Interesting Facts – II.

Important Faculty Tips

  • Maintain 2 subjects per day
  • Practice 3 full tests per week for last 3 months
  • Practice in a simulated environment
  • Train yourself to perform in the time slot booked for JEE (9:30 – 12:30 or 2:00 – 5:00)

See the webinar along with the solved questions at this link.

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