Early Bird Gets the Worm – JEE Main Preparation

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Early Bird Gets the Worm – JEE Main Preparation

With nearly 12 lakh students appearing for JEE Main every year, we can all agree that it is one of the toughest and competitive examinations in the world. With every year the number of students aspiring to crack the JEE increasing manifold, the age at which most of them begin their preparation keeps decreasing. The direct impact – well prepared and trained students causing an exponential rise in the cut-offs. JEE Main not only opens doors to various NITs across the country but is also the next step on the journey to an IIT.

JEE top rankers, IIT Alumni, NIT Alumni, and almost everyone agrees that early starters have a clear advantage in JEE. The sole reason being time. It is always better that you have as much time as you can get before your JEE exam.

To answer all the ‘why/how’ questions swimming in your head, keep reading.

Starting Early – Planning Better

When you start your JEE preparation early, you will have the advantage of having enough time to judge which subject/chapter/concept you find easier and which ones need more time. For example, if for you Physics is the toughest, your study plan can be made such that you spend more time on Physics as compared to Chemistry and Mathematics.

If you begin preparing at the last hour, you will have to rush through the syllabus without any direction. Due to this, you will not get a chance to work on your weaknesses and will eventually end up losing marks in the exam. Direct impact – a huge dip in your rank.

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Master the Syllabus – Get Your Basics Right!

We have already established that JEE is an extremely competitive and tough examination. The questions asked are not isolated to a single chapter or concept and that makes it all complex. It is necessary that you use extremely basic concepts to solve the different kinds of questions.

Furthermore, due to intense and exponentially increasing competition, the number of candidates securing the same marks is huge. This year, the highest marks secured in JEE Main was 350. However, this highest score was secured by 6 different candidates at the same. This elevates and reinforces just how crucial every single mark is.

The prime advantage of starting your preparation early is that not only will it give you time to completely understand the concepts in-depth, but you can also revise and give more time to concepts that you had not fully understood previously. This helps you solve calculation-based and theoretical sections.

If you postpone your preparation until later, you will not have enough time to revise concepts that you had studied in classes 8th, 9th, and 10th. Direct impact – you will have difficulty solving tougher questions.

The Real Boon – Solving Online Mock Test Papers

We can all agree that online mock tests and previous years’ question papers give you the real feel of the exam.

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When you start preparing early, you will be able to estimate how well you react to pressure situations. As you keep solving more mock tests, you will be able to create strategies that work for you, i.e., from which subject should you begin solving the paper, how to avoid wasting time on a particular question, etc. Depending on how well you score, you can judge how well will you do in the exam, and what your preparation is like.

If you do not begin preparing ahead of time, you will lose out on the opportunity to solve multiple mock tests, failing to acclimatize yourself to the pressured environment (and the CBT setup).

Learning from Your Mistakes

Solving mock tests and question papers is a wasted exercise if you do not learn from your mistakes.

When you attempt multiple online mock test papers and other sample papers, make a note of the chapters and concepts that are your weakness, i.e. chapters/concepts that you did not score well in. With every attempt, track your progress in these chapters/concepts. Review and analyze your attempts for timely and well-planned corrective action.

If you do not prepare beforehand, you will either not get the time to attempt any online mock tests, or even if you do, you will not be to rectify your mistakes.

Managing Separate Preparation Tactics for Class 12th, State CETs, etc.

If your examination board for class 12th is not CBSE, there will be small variations in the syllabus prescribed for JEE, and the one for class 12th board examination. This will apply to state CETs as well.

It is widely known and agreed upon that the strategies used to crack each of these examinations are different from the other.

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Beginning well ahead of time JEE not only puts you two steps ahead of your competition, but it also ensures that you have time for a proper backup plan.

Addressing the Real Question – How Early Is Early Enough?

With the rise in competition, parents have started enrolling their kids for JEE main preparation classes as early as class 7th/8th. This, however, is not recommended as the child is yet to grow up and find his/her true calling. To be on the safer side, starting your JEE preparation in class 10th is good. This will give you ample time to prepare well and ace the JEE.

If you have not begun your JEE preparation 10th class, fret not. Starting in class 11th also works as long as you put in that extra effort and work doubly hard.

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