Preparing for JEE Main? Read these Topper Tips

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Preparing for JEE Main? Read these Topper Tips

Believe it or not, JEE Main 2020 is almost here! You must be freaking out right now, and it’s understandable. But remember, you can take JEE Main in April 2020 as well.

We do understand the nervousness and anxiety as it’s something that is bound to happen when it comes to the biggest entrance examination in the country.

At this point in time, we are sure you must be rushing through your preparation – memorising all important formulae, taking a last look at the important concepts, and scribbling through notes.

It’s definitely important to go through all of that stuff, but there’s something else apart from this which is also important, and that is motivation and inspiration.

To seek motivation for an exam like JEE Main 2020, some valuable tips from toppers can be really helpful in this time crunch. Toppers, who have been through this phase and done it before, can be the perfect guide for you to give that needed inspiration.

We have compiled together handy tips from JEE toppers who know the mantra of succeeding in the exam. Keep reading further to know it all for the perfect source of inspiration.

Following are some handy tips shared by toppers of JEE Main 2019:

Himanshu Gaurav Singh (AIR 14, JEE Main & AIR 2, JEE Advanced)

Here’s what Himanshu suggests when it comes to preparation:

  • Stay consistent with your studies. There is no way to achieve success in an exam like JEE if you can’t remain consistent throughout the two, three, or four years that you devote to your preparations.
  • There is no lack of books in the market which help you in JEE preparations. However, it’s essential to pick one book and study it thoroughly. Attempt every question from that book and solve it 100%.
  • JEE doesn’t require rote learning. You need to be clear about your concepts and enjoy your studies. Once you start enjoying your studies, nothing will be difficult to achieve.
  • It’s really important to live professionally. If you’re a student by profession, then live like one. You can’t afford to take your job (studying) for granted. Give your 100% and stay dedicated to your job.
  • Learn to be calm; take the exam as any other normal exam. Don’t panic and don’t let the pressure of the exam overburden you. Go to the exam hall with a fresh mind without thinking about the result in advance.
  • During the last phase of my examination, I also attempted the Pre-JEE Main tests and Pre-JEE Advanced tests series on myPAT that were conducted online.

Koustav Sen (AIR 29, JEE Main & AIR 49, JEE Advanced)

Koustav Sen shares the following tips to succeed in JEE:

  • Besides coaching, I also spared time for self-study. I balanced my preparation plan in the following manner – 1 hour of coaching: 4 hours of self-study
  • Throughout my studies, I prepared three diaries for Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. In those diaries, I used to note down the problems in which I faced a lot of difficulty with! Before the exam, I revised them only so that I could clear the concepts of those specific topics.
  • I studied in a group of four students only in coaching classes. We discussed our problems with each other and helped each other to solve them.
  • I used Social Media to check solutions to the problems of JEE. I just discussed the questions on WhatsApp, and my teachers answered it on the group made for it. I didn’t use Social Media for entertainment purposes.
  • I put special emphasis on getting used to the online environment of the exam. I practiced a lot for it.
  • I appeared for 10 Pre-JEE Series tests on a real NTA screen before the actual exam, which helped me a lot to get used to the environment of the exam.


We hope the above tips can prove helpful, and you get the much-needed inspiration from none other than the students who have done it themselves.

As they focus on specific things or routine to be followed, they also emphasize the Pre-JEE series that helped them become exam-ready to a large extent. Taking a test on a real NTA screen boosts your confidence to a different level.

Folks, you can also take Pre-JEE Main tests right away to get that all-important boost before the exam. We’re sure you’ll rock the exam. All the best!

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