Managing your Syllabus with myPAT

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Managing your Syllabus with myPAT

Are you one of those students who is preparing for the national level exams like NTSE, KVPY, JEE Main & JEE Advanced, simultaneously? Are you finding it challenging to manage all your syllabus together and managing the preparation for all your target exams?

If this is one of your problems, then myPAT is the solution to the problem. With myPAT’s newest feature of managing all your target exams in one place, the challenge of managing the syllabus of multiple exams becomes hassle-free.

How does this feature work?

When you log in to your account, you’ll find the target exam(s) tab on the top right corner of your screen under the ‘MY COURSE’ tab. Once you click on the drop-down button, you’ll find the list of your target exam(s). It would look like this:

mypat target exams

This list will show all your target exams, whether they are paid, expired, or yet to be purchased. From this list, you can easily choose the exam of your choice and unselect the rest of them. Once you do this step, your syllabus screen will change as per your selection.

For example, if you select JEE (A) 2020 as your target exam, your syllabus screen would only show you subjects from JEE (A) syllabus.

The syllabus section under the ‘MY COURSE’ tab looks like this:

The Syllabus is a scrollable section, and you can find the subject-wise syllabus of your exams listed here. If you click on any of the subjects, the next screen will show you different chapters falling under that subject. Here’s an example if you click on Chemistry:

myPAT chapters

You can further click on any of the listed chapters and start attempting the concept tests for the available concept of the particular chapter. You can also search for any chapter/concept by using the Search Bar located at the top of this screen.

Similarly, if you select KVPY as your target exam, you’ll find subjects from KVPY.


For a student, keeping a track of their syllabus has always been a challenging task. But it won’t be the same anymore with myPAT’s amazing feature of managing all your syllabus in one place.

This way, your syllabus can be broken down the subject, chapter, and concept-wise. Most importantly, you can prepare as per your targeted exam with myPAT.

Do you need further reasons to begin your preparation journey with myPAT? It’s time to explore the myPAT world. Start practicing on myPAT right away!

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