Must-do’s before JEE Main 2020

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jee main 2020

With JEE Main around the corner (25 days to go), a lot of aspirants would be spending uneasy moments with their noses buried in books. While that’s normal, given that JEE Main is so close, how about making the most of the time available?

We know that this question of making the most of the available time hits everyone’s mind during this phase of preparation. Let’s try and understand how it can be done most efficiently. Cracking JEE is a perfect combination of timely syllabus completion and revision of the same.

Hence, it is highly important to choose the right strategy to ensure that your revision is quick, productive and comprehensive.

To ensure the revision’s this is achieved, the following can be done:

  • Picking A Revision Series
    There’s nothing better than a course, which would enable a student to review the syllabus in a fast-paced and structured. An exhaustive question bank helps students to dive deeper into tough topics, improve their understanding and boost their ranks.
    It is ideal to subscribe to an online package, where you can take tests in the actual environment on real NTA screens, that too, with the latest exam pattern changes.
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  • Online Books And Material
    Several publications provide good quality review material for JEE preparation. Choices are available in terms of both theory and practise books, to ensure that time is spent productively just before the examination. The following material can be obtained by students to ensure they prepare well before the exam:
  1. Take online mock tests
  2. Crash Course Books
  3. Handbooks
  4. NCERT Exemplars
  5. Concept/Memory Map Books
  6. Revision Notes
  7. Previous Year Question PapersWith the above resources easily available, revision becomes easier and quicker. Exhaustive practise of papers and regular study of notes will help students to retain maximum information and strengthen their conceptual understanding. With the availability of too many resources, students might get confused, therefore, it is important to stick to notes/material from one place and customize according to one’s own needs.
  • Choose Your Best Time
    A lot of students are either early birds or late-night owls. It is important, therefore, to revise when they are mentally alert and can effectively process whatever they study. Once a concept is studied or referred to, it is important to practice-related problems to strengthen one’s conceptual understanding. Every student’s aptitude for learning is different.
    Also, if new doubts crop up at the time of the revision, students should never pile them up, they should be immediately resolved.
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Apart from all this, students should schedule their revision timetable such that there is enough time for breaks, a healthy sleep and diet cycle. They must avoid taking too much pressure and overburdening themselves as that could cause them to lose out on mental/physical fitness.
Practicing in limited time limits will help improve both speed and accuracy. Special attention should be paid to topics which have more weightage in the exam.Students should regularly monitor their progress in terms of overall conceptual understanding and mock test scores. Weak concepts should be focused upon to improve overall performance.You’ve got it all what it takes to crack JEE. You need to prepare the smart way, like following the above must-dos, then nothing is unachievable.

All the best!

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