Online JEE 2018: Dates and other key details

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Online JEE 2018: Dates and other key details

As the winters arrive, students especially the JEE aspirants prepare for a long hibernation in their study rooms. One of the toughest college entrance exams in the world, cracking JEE Main and JEE Advanced are every students’ dream. As the offline version of the JEE Main is poised to be conducted on the second Sunday of April i.e. 8th April 2018, the dates for online exam are yet to be released. Read more on our previous blog titled JEE Main 2018: Exam Date.

JEE Advanced 2018

Only a small percentage of students who clear a certain cut off in the JEE Main would be allowed to take the JEE Advanced 2018, the real battle for the IITs. Adding more to the students’ anxiety, JEE Advanced 2018 is set to don a new avatar and knock students socks off with suspense. The exam would be held completely online from this year (Read more on our blog titled JEE Advanced to be held online completely). This was being speculated after all the major competitive exams in the world have switched to an online mode completely. It is anticipated that JEE Main would have more applicants would go with online mode as it would provide students an idea about JEE Advanced. For students, this move mandates online preparation. Large number of students have started preparing online, many students need to train themselves to perform in online exams.

This move is a welcome change which was anticipated since long. The main reason of making the JEE online is to curb the malpractices, make the exam less predictable, and make the evaluation fair and transparent at the same time. Many experts speculate that online JEE would be tough for students from rural backgrounds to tackle, it would bring a natural disadvantage to learners who are not highly proficient in computers and the internet. HT has also cited that large number of JEE Advanced aspirants hail from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities where the internet and computer penetration is very limited.

Short Answer Questions for MCQs

JEE Advanced had MCQs for which the candidates marked on optical mark reading (OMR) sheets and were evaluated by machines later. Introduction of a Keyboard based answer writing system would ensure that students conceptual knowledge is tested. The answer would not be marked solely by the solution. The student would rather have to authenticate his concepts and approach by demonstrating the method used to arrive at the solution. This change would curb the malpractices further. The move is likely to make it easier for JAB to set question papers in a way that tests the concept extensively. The main goal of JAB is to set traps for the JEE aspirants which was limited in scope in the MCQ pattern. Read more on our blog titled Online JEE 2018 Short Answer Questions.

In the JEE 2017, almost 11 lakh candidates sat for JEE Main out of which 2.21 lakh competed for JEE Advanced. This JEE Advanced 2018 is the first time that the IIT entrance is going to be conducted online. Also, there are some major changes in this JEE. JEE Advanced is going to witness a paradigm shift starting from the year 2018. The new online JEE 2018 has made it easier for diligent students who are strong in their core concepts.

JEE Advanced 2018 Dates

The IITs have announced that the JEE Advanced for the year 2018 will be conducted on May 20th, Sunday. The JEE Advanced 2018 would be conducted by IIT Kanpur where the meeting of JAB (Joint Admission Board) was convened. While JEE Main is conducted by the CBSE, the JEE Advanced is set by the IITs.

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