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For competitive exams, the likes JEE and other engineering entrances, developing the right attitude is as important as the concepts and practice. Howsoever strong one’s concepts may be, not having the right attitude can lead him to lose out on marks and falter in results.

This three blog series is a summarised form of our webinar titled ‘Unlock more marks: Go online’ and it presents effective test taking strategies to acquaint you with the right attitude needed to translate the knowledge into score.

In the first blog, we will emphasise on the importance of playing safe while attempting your JEE exam. Through the article, we will narrate a short anecdote to explain how being over confident can cost you very highly.

Importance of each mark

A close look at the ‘JEE rank’ versus ‘marks obtained’ yields that losing out a single mark can lead to considerable downfall in the rank obtained. Based on the marks scored by top 500 rankers in JEE, +1 or -1 mark can lead to a +5 or -5 effect in the JEE rank. Similarly, a single mark can make a difference of 20 ranks in 500-1000 rank category, 40 ranks in 1000-2000 rank category, and 80 ranks in 2000-5000 rank categories.

Therefore, for any aspirant it is very important to realise the importance of even a single mark.

The anecdote

Consider a scenario of two aspirants A and B. While A is very brilliant and has a slight flamboyant approach in attempting his exam, B is comparatively circumspect and plays on strengths. While A attempted 37 questions with a slightly complacent attitude, he was scored negatively in 10 questions. His net score came out to be 27×4 – 1×10 i.e. 98 marks. B, on the other hand attempted only 26 questions out of which he was wrong in only one question that made his score 25×4 – 1×1 i.e. 99 marks. Thus, even an average student was able to outperform a brilliant student using a proper test taking strategy.

In the succeeding blogs, we will elaborate more on ‘how to not lose marks’.

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