KVPY Exam: Format and Preparation

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In our previous article, a basic introduction of the KVPY exam was given. The current blog focuses on the KVPY exam and its pattern.

As mentioned in the earlier blog, KVPY is conducted separately for students studying in XI, XII, and 1st year of the undergraduate program.

KVPY committee

The various committees that oversee the examination are:

  • National Advisory Committee (NAC): The NAC committee has representation from Department of Science and Technology, IISc, and various other eminent scientists and academicians of repute.
  • KVPY Management Committee: This committee constitutes of members who are eminent scientists from various universities, IISER and Department of Science and technology.
  • KVPY Core Committee: This committee has all the members from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.

Exam Pattern:

IISc or the KVPY committees do not mention any pattern for KVPY exam. However, based on the analysis of previous exam patterns and analysis, there are various observations about the exam pattern.

The scope of the questions is only what till the learning that student acquires till Class 12. The main testing parameter is to check the conceptual clarity and application of the concepts than plain factual knowledge.

Based on what has been noticed in the previous exams, the exam follows below mentioned format:

  • The duration of the exam is 3 hours
  • The paper is composed of two parts, namely Part I and Part II
  • Part I has 4 sections (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math) each containing 20 questions bearing 1 marks each question
  • Part II has 4 (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Math) sections each containing 10 questions bearing 2 marks for each question
  • A student has to attempt three among the four sections of Part I and two of four sections of Part II
  • The responses are recorded in the OMR sheet
  • The exam has negative marking pattern wherein one-fourth of the marks are deducted for each incorrect response i.e. 0.25 for any question in Part I and 0.5 for any question in Part II.

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