Last Month Preparation Tips for JEE Main Physics

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Physics is one of the most important subjects for any science student. The subject is tested in both Engineering as well as Medical entrance examinations. Being associated with various trades of engineering and applied sciences, Physics bears higher importance in engineering entrance examinations especially JEE Main and Advanced. Consequently, the level of Physics questions in the JEE Main and Advanced exam is tough in comparison to the Pre Medical entrance tests.

While it is true that JEE preparation has to be done throughout the two academic sessions, the last month is surely a highly critical time. If an aspirant is able to utilise the phase properly, he/she can maximise his/her score. Failing to use the time can lead to deterioration of performance and eventually it leads to wastage of all the previous efforts. Herein, we suggest a few tips to brush up your JEE Main preparation and get attain the best score as per your capabilities.

  1. Striking the balance between Boards and JEE Physics preparation: For most of the JEE Main aspirants, the JEE Main exams succeeds the boards and therefore becomes a hectic phase. Only the students who have studied diligently for the JEE Main previously are advised to prepare for JEE during this phase. Otherwise, it is better to stick to board preparation completely. (Read more from our blog on How to manage board and JEE together and Essentials of Board Preparation)
  1. Utilising the holidays between your Board exams: For most of the Science students, there is a lot of preparation time between consecutive board exams which can be utilised to revise Physics formulae and solve certain identified problems. It is not advisable to dedicate the time for JEE Main preparation completely. However, the holidays before certain easier exams like English and Physical Education can be used to prepare for the JEE Main Physics numerical.
  1. Referring the right books: It is very important to identify the right books for concepts and numerical practice of Physics. Read more from our blog Best Books for IIT JEE Preparations.
  1. Mock JEE Main: Mock exams for JEE Main is important to know your standing. It is advisable to have exhaustive number of JEE Physics question papers in tune with the latest pattern and trends. You should practice from good online sources or from books by prestigious authors.
  1. Previous Year questions: Previous year papers are important to see the type of questions that are asked in the JEE Main. In fact, a lot of numerical problems and Multiple Choice questions are repeated in JEE Mains with same or different values.
  1. Practicing numerical: Numerical problems constitute a large part of JEE Main in contrast to board exams. Therefore, it is very important to keep practicing the numerical as well while preparing for board exams.
  1. Maintaining list of frequently used formulas: Well, most of the serious JEE Main aspirants already have this comprehensive list of numerical and formulae to be referred to during the last month. It is very important for quick revision before the D-day.

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