Last Month Preparation Tips for Jee Main Math

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last month preparation jee maths

JEE Main 2020 is almost here – just 33 days left! The pressure is high and handling that pressure is as important as attempting the exam.

Apart from handling this pressure, there’s one subject that needs to be dealt with – Mathematics. Yes, that’s right. The level of Math required from JEE aspirants is very high and it requires a fool-proof strategy for its preparation.

It is very important not to lose touch as Math problems require continuous practice for longer retention. So, we’ve figured out 7 useful preparation tips for you, which can be really useful for your JEE Main 2020 Mathematics preparation. Keep reading to know these super tips.

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Last-month Tips

Following are 7 tips which will take all your Math pain away in the last month of preparation:

  1. Identifying scoring and non-scoring areas in Math: It is very important to capitalise on your strengths and avoid exposing your weaknesses. Since Math is very prone to errors and mistakes, it becomes very important to attempt your paper very carefully. Usually, this can be done by carefully analysing the previous mock attempts and their answers.
    On the other hand, it can be done by automated analysis from a good online learning source. The students appearing in board exams must realise that it is very common to be strong in some concepts in Board exam but not necessarily in JEE.
  2. Practicing based on frequent errors and the concepts: Concepts and sub-concepts from chapters like Differentiation, Integration, and similar topics should be preferred as these constitute a big chunk of marks, and its application is required in JEE Physics as well.
    It is advisable to see the previous papers, mark the frequently asked concepts, and identify which of these result in you committing frequent errors. It can help you prioritise your preparation better.
  3. Practice technique: The best form of practice in Math is considered to be solving questions. However, if you have done enough practice and are confident in the topic, you can even look at the solved examples and proceed. However, if you are losing out marks in certain concepts, it is advisable to solve the questions completely.
  4. Never forget NCERT: NCERT is a very important book as mastering NCERT completely can help one clear the cut-off. However, a few more concept building books for Math can be referred. If you are continuously losing out on marks on certain topics, it is better to refer to the textbook and go back to basics.
  5. Previous Year questions: Previous year papers in Math are quintessential to refer to the type of questions that are asked in the JEE Main. It is important to refer to previous papers continuously as it keeps one aware of the complexity of questions asked and the proficiency required to solve these.
  6. Formulae revision: Well, since the time required for revision is limited, you should be well aware of your strong and weak areas by this time. For revision in the last days, it is important to gather a list of formulae and revise them every day.
  7. Visual reminders: You can make a chart or pie chart to depict the importance of various concepts and the coverage of concepts because Math has a lot of topics, formulae, and a diverse set of problems. Maintain a couple of pie-charts and graphs to be aware of your progress.


Apart from the above tips, you must also search for short tricks and secret formulas to solve tough-looking questions very fast. Also, read the theory for important topics like Integrals and Co-ordinate geometry. Do revise SEQUENCE & SERIES!

In a nutshell, Mathematics is one such topic where you can score 100 out of 100 if you plan smartly. If you punctually follow the above tips and solve mock tests regularly on myPAT, acing Mathematics would be a walk in the park.

All the best!

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