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Preparing Students For The SMAC Revolution

There was a time when little children (now known as the 90’s kids) dreamt of becoming successful lawyers, engineers and doctors. However, rapid technological...
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Download JEE Main Admit Card 2018

The countdown for JEE mains has already begun and each day is revealing some power packed surprises. March 12 was an important day when...
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CBSE Boards Helpline Gets More Than 5500 Calls in 3 Weeks

“MOM.. Close the door! I am not able to study” “Dude, how did you manage to complete the whole organic? I am still on...
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JEE Advanced has dropped GST on its registration

“What to do now? How to revise? Which books to study? How to manage my time?” With almost a few days in your hand...
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JEE Main Admit Card Notification Released

“JEE Main 2018 Admit card will be released in the second to third week of March 2018”, the latest update from the official sources. As...
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