BITSAT 2019: Tips and Tricks

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BITSAT 2019: Tips and Tricks

BITSAT is one of the top engineering entrance exams conducted in India, by the reputed Birla Institute of Technology and Science, which has campuses based in Hyderabad, Pilani, Goa, and Dubai. Known for the high standards of their teaching faculty and placement records, BITS campuses are also enriched with the best of the infrastructure, which makes thousands of engineering aspirants aspire for the same.

BITSAT 2019 will be held in the month of May. A score in the range of 320-350 would be required to be scored to be considered eligible for top engineering branches. A few such tips and tricks are discussed below, to help BITSAT 2019 aspirants boost their scores:

Practice Short questions                                     

JEE Main and Advanced have lengthier questions that require candidates to deep-dive into them. However, BITSAT demanding a strong grasp of the fundamentals in every subject limits itself to questions that are both short and tricky. Most of the question paper is also highly formula-based, which is why the exhaustive practice of short questions is recommended.

Managing Time                     

Speed and accuracy are of paramount importance in BITSAT. Knowing an efficient way of solving a problem in less time for BITSAT, gives the candidate a competitive edge. To reach this standard, a candidate must be well-versed in concepts to such an extent, that he must be able to reproduce the content instantly from the chapters asked in the test. That would also become possible, only by repeated practice of mock tests, which would gradually help a student build his speed and accuracy skills.

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Even while taking BITSAT, it is next to impossible to revise all the 150 questions that a candidate may have attempted. Therefore, it is important to attempt the questions at the initial time, in such a way that maximum possible errors are avoided.

Time allocation among various subjects

Mathematics generally consumes the maximum time in the BITSAT syllabus. Chemistry, Physics, English, and Logical Reasoning should be attempted in the rest of the time available after allotting time for Mathematics. Questions from English and Logical Reasoning do not require a candidate to do any kind of computation but only gather inferences from them. Based on such considerations as well, time can be apportioned across different subjects accordingly.

Getting used to the actual exam environment

Taking an exam online is very different from taking the same offline. In the Offline mode of taking any exam, the candidate has the convenience of referring to any question of his choice, which in the case of BITSAT in an online mode, is not available. However, to get used to what taking BITSAT in an online mode is like, candidates are advised to practice as many online mock tests as possible, to feel comfortable on the day of the exam.

Don’t leave out on English!

English section of BITSAT has only 15 questions, due to which it can get undermined at times. But given the cut-throat competition in BITSAT, if this section is attempted well, this could prove to be a differentiator for the candidate, in terms of his final score. Hence, the candidate is advised to put the best of his efforts into this section.

If a candidate puts the right amount of effort into BITSAT, he would get the perfect result he deserves! All that is required to crack BITSAT is dedication, devotion, and determination, success shall automatically follow!

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