Chemistry Sample Paper Class 12

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Chemistry Sample Paper Class 12

CBSE is going to conduct Class 12 board exams from 15th February 2020. The exams for mainstream subjects will begin with the English exam on 27th February 2020. The class 12 Chemistry board exam will be held on 7th March 2020 from 10.30 AM to 01.30 PM.

Chemistry is one subject that most students find tricky. It requires a thorough understanding of concepts and consistent practise. In the last few days before the Class 12 board Chemistry exam, students need to brush up the critical concepts for top performance.

The preparations for the exams must be in full swing. Class 12th marks are very important for the career of a student. This is THE most important phase of a student’s life and nothing can be taken for granted. A complex subject like Chemistry needs to be taken very seriously and constant practise is required to score well in the board exam.

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The best way to prepare for the Chemistry class 12 board exam is by solving sample papers. Sample Paper is a great source of preparation for CBSE 12 board examination. It helps in improving speed and accuracy. To test the problem-solving ability and secure great marks, it is essential to do a lot of practise which could be done by solving the sample paper.

You can attempt Chemistry Class 12 Sample Paper by clicking on the link below. You can also find the solution to the questions that can help you review your attempt.

Class 12
Chemistry Class 12 Sample Paper
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Maths Class 12 Sample Paper
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Physics Class 12 Sample Paper
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Science Class 10 Sample Paper
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Chemistry Class 12 Syllabus

The Chemistry syllabus for class 12 board consists of 15 units. The students will be marked from a total of 70 marks.

Following is the unit-wise course structure of Class 12 Chemistry syllabus:

Unit No.TopicsMarks
Unit ISolutions23
Unit IIElectrochemistry
Unit IIIChemical Kinetics
Unit IVSurface Chemistry
Unit VGeneral Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements19
Unit VIp -Block Elements
Unit VIId -and f -Block Elements
Unit VIIICoordination Compounds
Unit IXHaloalkanes and Haloarenes28
Unit XAlcohols, Phenols, and Ethers
Unit XIAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids
Unit XIIOrganic Compounds containing Nitrogen
Unit XIIIBiomolecules
Unit XIVPolymers
Unit XVChemistry in Everyday Life

Importance of Sample Paper

Chemistry Sample Paper is the perfect recipe to gain perfection through practise. Let’s understand the detailed importance of board sample papers here:

  1. Reduces exam stress: Sample papers help you become exam-ready and therefore reduces your exam stress. As the sample paper is based on the real exam pattern, it helps students in getting familiar with the pattern like the type of questions, weightage, difficulty level, etc.
  2. Provides preparation analysis: The sample paper is based on the latest syllabus and the questions are based on the most important topics. Practicing from sample papers helps students come across questions asked from previous years. In this manner, students can solve sample papers, then cross-check with the solutions and thus analyze their preparation.
  3. Aids in revision: Once you cover the whole syllabus, you get an idea of all the important topics. Attempting the sample papers helps in the revision of the whole syllabus and important topics.
  4. Increases speed and accuracy: Another benefit of taking sample papers is that it helps in improving your overall speed and accuracy to solve questions. Constant practicing leads to an increase in the speed of solving questions. It also helps in reducing the frequency of mistakes.
  5. Boosts self-confidence: The biggest advantage and importance of solving sample papers is that it helps in improving the self-confidence of the students. With constant practise, the rectification of mistakes, and getting a hold of the exam pattern, the self-confidence of students goes to a different high.

To sum up, students must solve Class 12 Chemistry Sample Paper to be exam-ready. You must follow our blog posts for more and regular updates on Class 12 board exams, sample papers, preparation tips, and much more!

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