5 Highest Paid Engineering Branches in India

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One of the primary reasons Indian parents are obsessed with engineering is the unrealistic salary expectations set by a handful of IIT toppers. I mean, with placement packages soaring as high as INR 1.4 crores, who would blame them for demanding their kids to chase the IITs! Well, while it is true that not every engineering grad gets so generously paid (not even the IITians), at the same time a bachelor’s in engineering is still considered one of the highest paid degrees in India. However, the pay scale varies widely across its various disciplines and colleges. Listed below are the top 5 highly paid engineering branches in India.

  1. Computer Science or IT

There was a boom in the IT industry more than a decade ago, and since then the sector has only been flourishing. A large chunk of the engineers produced every year are hired by the MNCs as software engineers. The number of core jobs for other branches is significantly less when compared to the CS and IT branches. For the same reason, non-computer branches engineers are also hired by the IT giants such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, IBM, etc.

Pay: For freshers, it varies anywhere between INR 3 Lakh to INR 8.5 Lakh. For colleges such as the IITs, the highest package may go even upto INR 1 Crore!

  1. Electrical/Electronics and Communication

With internet becoming an integral part of our life, there has been a surge in the demand of network and electrical engineers. Public sector companies, manufacturing units, telecom companies and even some global companies such as the NTPC, Cisco, Ericsson, Tech Mahindra, etc. hire a large number of engineers from these branches.

Pay: For freshers, it varies anywhere between INR 2.5 Lakh to INR 6 Lakh.

  1. Petroleum

This branch of engineering is a relatively uncommon one. Nonetheless, it is still one of the highest paid ones, not only in India but across the globe. Not every college offers this degree and not many students opt for this field – consequently, petroleum engineers have a high demand. It is a very exciting and in-demand career prospect. Chevron, Shell, BP, ONGC, Reliance, Essar, etc. are the top hirers.

Pay: For freshers, it varies anywhere between INR 3 Lakh to INR 7 Lakh.

  1. Civil Engineering

There was a time when civil was the highest paid engineering branch in India; constructions of bridges, flyovers, dams, residential and commercial buildings taking place everywhere you see. Although the construction requirements have changed over time with focus now shifting on better infrastructure and larger-than-life skyscrapers, the demand for civil engineers has not dropped. The top companies include real estate groups such as DLF, Sobha, L&T, Tata, etc.

Pay: For freshers, it varies anywhere between INR 3 Lakh to INR 5 Lakh.

  1. Mechanical Engineering

Considered as the traditional branch of engineering, just like civil, mechanical has also undergone a diverse change in its requirement. In addition to the public sector companies, mining, railways, metro rail, etc., today they also find job in automation, technology, robotics, and other recent domains. L&T, Adani, Reliance, Mahindra as are the top companies which hire mechanical engineers in India.

Pay: For freshers, it varies anywhere between INR 2 Lakh to INR 5 Lakh.

Undeniably, the pay packages vary widely for different branches, but researches show that students should prioritise their passion over hefty salaries. Or may be, strike that perfect balance between the two. Opt for a branch that compliments your skills and interest. Because it is something you are about to stick with, all your life. If you love what you’re doing in your career, you are bound to do well. And as rightly said by Amir Khan in 3 Idiots “Kabil bano, kabil.. Kamyabi toh sali jhak maar ke peeche aayegi”.

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