How is a Top 100 IIT-JEE Ranker different from other Aspirants?

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How is a Top 100 IIT-JEE Ranker different from other Aspirants?

Have you seen that guy who plays badminton, spends his weekend breaks visiting people and still manages to get the best score?

Yes, that guy.

You can see that there is pretty much no difference between you and him.

Except, he immerses himself in whatever he does. He studies, when he studies and never gets up from his place, until he is done completing that chapter.

Like the one mentioned above, there are some qualities that distinguish a top ranker among a group of JEE aspirants. Here is a list of the same:

Exhaustive Revision

Top rankers revise the chapters that they hate the most, most number of times.

It never matters if they hate or love any chapter. All concepts should be studied. This being so obvious, not many students seem to follow it.

For example, if you like Math, study Math and enjoy the subject.

If you dislike Chemistry, for example, study Chemistry and keep revising the same until you are thorough with it.

All hick-ups are eliminated pro-actively.


At any point, if they find themselves stuck at any point with doubts, Top IIT-JEE rankers make it a point to sort out the same immediately. Piling up doubts across concepts until the last minute will only make one panic.

Apart from this, if they are done studying a topic, they assess themselves on the same multiple times, until different types of questions are attempted by them in multiple ways.

Assessing yourself multiple times in a topic makes you develop a strong competence in the same and handle any question asked from that topic efficiently.

Go topic-wise, not by time

Once the top rankers set a timetable for themselves, they consistently monitor their competence across multiple concepts. Instead of having time-based goals like spending an hour in Chemistry or Physics, it would be ideal to take up very specific topics.

Pick a topic and tell yourself that you will finish this in the next one or two hours. This enables you to focus on finishing the topic within the time allotted.

Building exam temperament

Until and unless a candidate performs well on the day of preparation, he is never going to get credit for investing 2 years of time. While great and successful people do keep you motivated, this makes up only for half of your preparation, the rest comes from adhering to principles of time management, planning, and execution.

In the face of cut-throat competition existing while taking the IIT-JEE, it is important to push your boundaries to taste success. Innovate your exam preparation as much as possible, by subscribing to an online mock test series, that help you identify your strengths and weak areas, that require improvement.

A lot of candidates are at their absolute cool while taking the JEE Main? How do they even do that?

They do that by practicing in a real-time environment 20, 50, 80 or even 100 times before giving the actual exam.

All the Best!

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