Are Webinars Really Useful?

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Are Webinars Really Useful?

After attending numerous classes, having sleepless nights, and missing out on important events a lot of students put in their best to crack JEE and BITSAT. Consider a situation wherein, after putting in the best of efforts, the student does not get the best of the results.

Won’t he or she be feeling bad?

No one likes to see their hard work being wasted or their future being compromised.

There are a lot of problems that students face while preparing for competitive exams:

  • Understanding a concept and not being able to interrupt in a class of 80 students.
  • Teachers teach at the same pace to every student
  • Doubt Resolution is never prompt.

All these issues can be easily addressed. How?


Live Webinars are internet-based interactive programs where a presenter can reach out to a specific segment of people through electronic devices such as desktops, Smartphones, and Tablets. Live Webinars additionally create a situation wherein the subscribers to the webinar can actively talk, share and inquire while the session is undertaken by the presenter.

Here are some benefits of subscribing to online webinars:

Flexibility: Webinars help students access information and knowledge at any place and at any time without the need to access books or stationery.

Convenience: Unlike the rigid class schedules and timings, students can view webinars at any time they want or choose.

Economical: Students can subscribe to webinars without shedding money for travel and on-campus expenses.

Interactive: Teachers or presenters of a webinar are even more approachable for prompt doubt resolution or clarification of concepts.

Better Understanding: Students learning online understand better. The instruction given by the presenter coupled with informative slides helps them comprehend and understand concepts in such a way, that it stays ingrained in their memory for a long time.

Popular competitive exam themes for webinars are:

  • Preparation Tips and hacks to boost scores
  • Balancing multiple exams
  • Exam Pattern and effective strategies to crack exams
  • Maintaining effective success plans
  • Common mistakes that would be required to be avoided while preparing for an exam
  • Handling exam stress and related concerns

Apart from the ones mentioned above, webinars also help students deal with issues like exam anxiety. This could get really serious, to the extent of affecting the performance of a student on the D-day. Webinars on previous year trends for competitive exams help a student understand the exam pattern and align their preparation strategy accordingly.

Here are a few things that myPAT Team focuses on while hosting webinars:

  • Increased Student-Faculty interaction to facilitate better learning
  • Managing exam preparation, nervousness, and last-minute tension
  • Problems that are faced while solving questions
  • Reaching out to more students, helping them boost their scores, and making them exam ready
  • Subject wise study tips and concept discussions

Check out this myPAT Webinar hosted by Mr. Abhay Nath Jha, the JEE Math Guru, revealing secrets to crack the JEE Advanced which was highly watched and appreciated by students.

View YouTube Webinar: Top 5 Preparation Tips for JEE Advanced

Overall, Live Webinars can be super fun, challenging and help students for the better – boost their exam scores and skyrocket their careers!

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