No more internal assessment: Board exams for Class X

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With Board exams being mandated for the class X, a lot of debate has been happening over its ramifications and repercussions on the students. Adding to it, few other changes on the three languages formula in class X have been a cause of unrest among students. Through this article, we will explain how can it change the existing education model and affect students.

At the latest meeting of CBSE’s governing body, its members unanimously decided upon mandating board exams from the academic session 2017-18 for all students of Class X. In the existing model, it was up to a student to choose whether or not he/she would like to appear in the board exam.

It has been decided to recommend to the HRD ministry that the three language formula (Hindi, English and Indian language) should be extended to class IX and X as well. The recommendation sent to the Centre includes languages listed in schedule VIII of the Constitution should be taught under the ‘Three language formula’.

How can it help students?

While the change has been criticised as a retreat to a flawed methodology, it is highly beneficial for competitive students as it paves way for getting accustomed to the competition. Also, in our existing system, the competition is very high and not having board examination system implies partiality or biasedness. Since our competition scenario involves screening on the basis of grades and scores, it is very important to have a fair scoring system which can be brought in with board exams.

What is expected from students now?

Most of the engineering entrance exam aspirants tend to ignore languages and humanities subjects. However, to maintain good grades in class X now, you would certainly need to work on your language aptitude and score well in languages as well.

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