Career Aspirations: How to decide for USA vs. the Best of India?

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When it comes to finally setting an academic platform after a thorough analysis of one’s career aspiration (by blending Persona with Aptitude); the biggest dilemma is to choose the “Areas of Compromise”. The parameters of making choice can be any of the following:

  1. Proximity of the college/university from home
  2. Desired course vis-à-vis one’s budget
  3. Appropriate college/university vis-à-vis one’s area of interest

Compromising on initial choices will not only pull down the extent of success, but also leave scope for disappointment in the journey ahead.

India’s best

If someone can get a career in India which is best mapped with his/her DREAM and PASSION and possibility of admission in such an institution is fairly bright, one must stay in India to pursue such courses.


  • Courses which are not available in India.
  • If one doesn’t have any good career option in India which guarantees a decent training in one’s desired stream.
  • If one can meet up the bare minimum financial supplement in the U.S., one must not think twice before opting for studying in the U.S


Current Status of Student Life in India

It is often seen that any initiative that had been taken for the common welfare of general masses goes for a toss if it does not facilitate a schematic and seamless implementation. The same seems to have happened with the Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) by CBSE Board. The foundation of this particular approach was laid to emphasize the need of overall development of child and give the importance to all aspects of student’s persona. But, in haste of introducing such a system, we have landed in a situation where parents are contributing more in terms of putting efforts and investing time rather the student reaping the benefit of experiential learning by doing projects/assignments.

The whole of this idea has further added pressure on the child and has put him/her in a situation to behave like a machine without having any time to sit back and analyse his/her performance.
In such a scenario it becomes extremely difficult for anyone to decide about the possible strengths and skill-sets which would be a definitive career in long run. There seems to be a need of a scientifically designed test/process which can evaluate the PERSONA as well as APTITUDE of a child and map both to pave out some apt and promising career options.

“myPAT” is the answer to all such worries had been undertaken by thousands of students and has proved to be a unique career aspiration assessment tool.

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