7 Reasons Why Technology is Important for School Education

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7 Reasons why Technology is Important for School EducationFrom being able to see and talk to someone thousands of miles away to be able to catch Pokémons on the go, technology is now an irreplaceable part of our lives. Let’s see how technology can impact learning in schools and why today it is important for school education.

Numerous platforms: We interact with the wide variety of platforms everyday viz. computers, tablets, apps and each one of them offers many advantages in learning. There are apps with which you can learn while playing, watch videos on the desktop and even solve problems with mobile phones while traveling.

Personalized learning: We all know that  different children learn at different pace. With the  advent of technology, education has become accessible at anytime, anywhere, making it convenient to learn at one’s pace and sequence.

Technology in School EducationGlobal collaboration: Earlier, when you wanted to learn something, you had to ask your teachers, but today, these teachers are practically everywhere. If you want to learn, you can watch videos of Stanford professors or ask questions to a wide variety of teachers worldwide in an open forum. Technology has removed any limitations on physical boundaries that used to exist earlier.

Everything on tips: With the advent of cloud computing, there are now many online libraries and online encyclopedia where huge amount of information is available to everyone on the fingertips.

Improved productivity: New and creative ways to write, read, communicate, organize and schedule has improved the productivity of students and teachers. Less time spent on routine tasks gives way to innovative thinking.

Engagement factor: Learning happens best when it is engaging and interactive. Technology enables focused retention and better understanding which makes education a fun activity. The student-teacher relationship grows with increased one on one interaction.

Engagement FactorOnline is the future: Technology has entered every aspect of human life and education is no exception. And next in-thing in school education is online testing. Schools must adapt to online testing to walk hand in hand with global standards. As a package of the multitude of advantages, online testing will soon revolutionize education. Beyond making testing easier and better, instant assessment of students’ performance, result generation in real-time, better tracking and understanding of the students’ grasp of the subjects. myPAT uniquely provides all these features along with facilitating student’s relative standing nationwide.

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