Class X Science Exam: Marking Scheme

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Class X Science Exam: Marking Scheme

While the society enjoys the sweet chill of the November, the class X students have a tough phase as they get up early for revision classes and practice tests at school. Your hobbies and sports take are worst hit when you attend those extra classes at school.

We live in a country where competition is an integral part of our lives and perhaps class X is the first such platform where students compete at such large scale. Well, the fact that board examinations would be evaluated in percentage system implies that each number matters. And, if you aspire to pursue your bachelors from IITs or top engineering college, it is imperative to build a strong profile right from the very start. For your morale, scoring high before venturing into higher grades helps you to start on a positive note. You can take tips from our previous blog titled Preparing for Board during the last days: Math.

Science and Math

Most of the science and Math topics taught in class 9th are to be studied later in the higher grades with higher intensity and in a detailed manner. Although the complexity of these topics in upcoming grades is very high, building interest in the concepts is an added advantage as it would ensure a good conceptual foundation.

Among all the subjects in your class X board, Science and Math exam assume higher importance. Because these concepts are going to be elaborated in the class XI and XII syllabus, you need to make sure to score high in these subjects. An important aspect of board exams is the predictability which is not there in the JEE or other competitive exams. Scoring in the boards is easier as practicing the previous year papers is quite sufficient to ensure success.

Class X CBSE Science Exam marking scheme

  • The question paper will have a total of 27 questions
  • There would 2 questions worth 1 mark, 3 questions worth 2 marks, 10 questions worth 3 marks, and 6 questions worth 5 marks.
  • An internal choice would be provided. This would be in three 3 marks questions, two questions 5 marks questions, and one 2 marks question.
  • 12 marks have been allocated to practical based questions.
  • The 1 mark question would need to be answered in one sentence.
  • Word limit for 2 marks question would be about 30 words
  • Word limit for 3 marks would be about 50 words
  • Word limit for 5 marks question would be about 70 words
  • The theory exam would be a total of 80 marks and for 3 hours
  • Candidates must be very particular about diagrams and its labeling

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