JEE Advanced: Interesting Facts – II

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JEE Advanced: Interesting Facts – II

For the coming JEE 2018 to be held on Sunday, May 20th, students have already started the countdown. Since the JEE Main and JEE Advanced comes shortly after the board exam, it is very important to strategize your preparation in a manner that both the exams can be prepared concurrently. Our blog titled Online JEE 2018: How to Study focuses on how you should prepare for the JEE exam.

As most of the time has passed by, students need to assess their current standing in terms of what they have accomplished and what is still lacking. Based on the analysis, it is important revamp their preparation strategies for the last four months. In our previous blog titled JEE Advanced: Interesting Facts – I, we provided important insights on key topics that if emphasized upon or ignored can make or break an aspirant’s fortune.

How to plan?

Joint Admission Board has clarified its motive to ensure greater transparency and easier evaluations. (Read more on our blog). The introduction of short answer type questions implies that conceptual clarity is equally important now. In simpler words, derivations are more important than the formulae now. Read more in our blog titled Online JEE 2018: Short-Answer Type questions)

What topics yield maximum share of the questions?

JEE has never been predictable. Well, JEE can consist of 90% questions from a single chapter of Math which most of the students would ignore. However, based on experts’ analysis of the JEE and its evolving pattern, the few traps and risky question types can be identified.


Most Important concepts

Based on the experts’ analysis, Limits, Continuity, Differentiability, and Definite Integrals. It has been noticed that these topics account for a lot of questions.

Concepts with larger share

In general, it has been noticed that 40% or more questions in the JEE Advanced are asked from Calculus. Thus, students can easily prepare for the class XII board exam and Math together as Calculus covers a huge part of class XII Math syllabus as well.


Most Important concepts

Experts say that Kinetic Theory of gases, EMI, Thermodynamics, and Rotational Motion offer easiest scoring. The questions asked from these chapters are usually easier and direct in comparison to other concepts.

Concepts with larger share

60% of the weightage has been found to be assigned to Electrodynamics and Mechanics. Thus, it is very important to build strong concepts in Mechanics right from class XI. It is also suggested to revisit the concept once the learner is well acquainted with Calculus.


Most Important concepts

P Block elements and questions related to the same have recorded higher frequency in the JEE.

Concepts with larger share

40% of the questions have found to be asked from Physical Chemistry. These require more of conceptual clarity and less of rote memorization. You should focus more on this if you are weak in Chemistry in general. This is so because Physical Chemistry has a lot of concepts from physics and math making it easier and scoring.

Online preparation

Preparing online is the best practice for students to rehearse. The additional benefit that testing online offers is that it makes analysing results and performance easier. myPAT does the macro analysis which foresees your existing proficiency, chances of passing, and probable scores. The micro analysis decrypts your performance in each subject, chapter concept, and generates a feedback.

It is of utmost importance to be aware of your strengths and weaknesses so that you can strategize your test taking strategy and preparation accordingly. The analysis done by peers or teachers are prone to human errors as these are based on intuition wherein students do not get correct feedback and analysis. On the other hand, the performance analysis done through online analytics elaborates the various aspects of your performance and help you realize which concepts to focus.

For more insights on JEE Advanced and IITs, keep checking myPAT blog.

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