Essentials of Board Exam Preparation

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Essentials of Board Exam Preparation

From ages, the chill of winters is accompanied by anxiety for board aspirants, especially for the class 12th students. Burdened by the pressure of performing in boards as well as in competitive exams, many students succumb to the pressure leading to either being able to perform in either of these exams or none.

Performing in board exams is very important because these grades are important in building a strong profile in the future. Right from college admissions to job interviews, these class 12 grades are given very high importance. In our previous blog, we shared some important tips on managing both the board exams and JEE preparation simultaneously. In the current blog, we will share some useful techniques you can use to maximise the outcome from your board preparations.

  1. Practising at the right time

Practising at the right time is one of the most important yet ignored aspects of performing. It is very important to utilise the time of the day when you are going to write your exam. For late risers, this may involve altering your sleeping schedule. But, it is very important to train your brain to perform during the 9:00 AM – 12:00 AM time slot.

  1. Board guidelines

You should always consult the sample papers and the syllabus issued by the board while preparing. Also, these mention the break-up of marks that a chapter weighs for and is very important in allocating time and effort. These should be given precedence over the previous papers as those have been made in accordance with previous formats and patterns.

  1. Identifying scoring opportunities chapters/types of questions

Make it a practice to note down different questions or chapters wherein you are losing out on marks. Through this, you are aware of your weaknesses and can attempt your paper in the same manner. If there is a choice, you can skip such questions or attempt such questions at last. Also, being aware of weaknesses enables you to be more watchful while attempting such questions.

  1. Sample papers/previous year papers

Attempting previous question papers and sample papers is the easiest and most trusted way of practising for the board exam. It acquaints you with the types of questions and format you will face.

To get the best outcome from your preparation, you should practice previous years’ papers in a timed manner from 9:00 AM to 12:00 AM (or the slot when you are going to write your board exam).

  1. Miscellaneous: Formulae/dates/maps

For different subjects, you can maintain a note of certain points that need memorization in the last phase. These involve formulae in math, dates in history, maps in geography, reactions, etc. in chemistry. It is advisable to note such details down for last day preparation.

So, study in the right manner to turn your hard work into smart work.

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