How Can I Study Effectively?

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How Can I Study Effectively?

Forgot the answer to a question asked in the exam, you studied a day ago?

Struggling to concentrate while studying?

Do distractions affect your focus on studying?

Not anymore!

When you sit down to study for any exams, maybe competitive exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, etc or state board exam, there is a need to ensure that you study in such a way, that information is processed and stored in your memory, making your efforts productive. To make this happen, some smart memorization techniques can be followed to simplify your efforts and help you achieve your goal.


In the case of certain subjects, you are required to remember a group or a list of words in a certain sequence, acronyms solve your problem. This is one of the easiest memory techniques, which has never failed.

You can refer to this example below.







If a certain scientific process is required to be remembered in a sequence, you can try the chaining method. Build a story that covers all the elements of the scientific process in the sequence that you are required to remember. For example, if you are trying to memorize the nine planets of the universe:

There is a lake that has high levels of Mercury, it communicates to Venus, who passes on the message to Earth, about her uncle Mars, aunt Jupiter and their nephew Saturn, who has friends called Uranus and Neptune.


Is this even one of the methods? Yes, it is.

Studies have indicated that, if you sleep for 15 minutes after learning a complex topic or subject, your brain helps relearn and review it, retaining the information for long. This act enhances the memory naturally and does not require the consumption of any supplement or drug.

Listen up!

Simply reading your study material can put you to sleep sometimes. Try listening to it. The next time you sit to study, record yourself reading out a chapter aloud. Listen to the recording once it is done and you will observe that you absorb things better.

Write whatever you learn your way

In course of understanding a concept, to ensure you don’t forget it easily, write down whatever you understood so far in your own words. This will ensure, you understand the concept better, also retain the required information in your memory for a long time. This could be helpful in the case of theoretical subjects like Social Sciences.

Teach someone

The best way to remember anything is to share information about it with someone. The moment you explain a concept to someone, you will be able to identify how much of that concept has been understood by you. Also, you would be able to identify certain things that you missed out on while talking about that concept to your friend.


This method can help you during last-minute revision for exams. Creating flashcards of concepts or equations which are important can help you remember key terms and facts easily.

However, create it in such a way, that you would be able to read it at a glance. You can also make it Question and Answer based to help you stay on track.

Study Smart and clear your exam with flying colors! All the Best!

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