Increase Your Brain Power

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Our immediate goals in life are restricted to doing all that we can to score better and higher on our exams. Believe us when we say, we want you to score higher than you dream of!

Fasten your seatbelts people, and hop on to the ride that will guarantee you transcendental brain power.

  1. Take a Walk Before Your Exam

Yes, we know that this is supremely lame. As per a research conducted University of Illinois, a 15-20 mins walk is proven to ‘wake up’ your brain, and boost your memory & brain power.

  1. Speak out Loud When You Study

This might look crazy and even alarm those around you but, trust us and try it out. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you remember when you speak out loud as compared to when you simply read it repeatedly.

  1. Become a Teacher

Yes, this works! Create your hypothetical classroom or gather a bunch of friends (you guys can take turns on different topics), and teach them the topic/chapter that you have just studied. This not just helps with boosting your memory retention but it also tests that whether or not you have completely understood something.

  1. Create Mind Maps

The ability to make connections is the easiest way to remember information and also fuels your creativity. An easy way of doing this is making flow charts. Mind Maps make it easy to connect ideas with a visual, making it simpler for you remember all that you have studied so far. You can even use diagrams.

  1. Create Flashcards

Making flashcards is the best and quickest way to revise formulae, definitions etc. While making them helps strengthen your retention, using flashcards is the niftiest way to revise.

  1. Take short but Regular Study Breaks

When you are studying, your brain is working at full power. To make sure you are both focussed and motivated, taking a study break after 45-50 mins of studying is advised. This will help your brain to absorb more information. This break could just be that you take a bathroom break, or get a glass of water. Picking up your cell phone to check WhatsApp messages or browse through Facebook is ill-advised.

  1. Music

When solving numericals or math problems, listening to a certain kind of music i.e. instrumentals are sure to boost your concentration power. Music will help you tune out the rest of the world and you can retreat into a cocoon to study. Our recommendations for music – Mozart!

  1. Get enough Sleep

It is absolutely necessary that you get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep every night. While you sleep, your brain collects all the information, and moves it to its ‘ROM’. So, sleeping well will help you recollect all the formulae, definitions etc.

  1. Meditate

You cannot afford to ignore this one – plus this will make your grandparents super happy. Meditation will help you stay focused and clam. Not only will this help you concentrate better, but it will also help reduce mental stress. Added advantage – meditating benefits you both mentally and physically. You can use ‘Headspace’ (a specialised smartphone application for guided meditation).

So, there you go – 9 amazing tips to help you build your memory!

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