5 Tips To Develop Effective Study Skills In Your Child

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5 Tips To Develop Effective Study Skills In Your Child

Your child is trying hard, but somehow his/her efforts are not getting translated into the right kind of academic grades. Ever wondered what to do in this case? If this sounds familiar, know that academic success does not stem from a single factor. A blend of several factors like your child’s habits, efforts, and the right kind of attitude is essential for ensuring effective study skills.

Every child can become a grade-A student. All he/she needs to do is effectively manage emotions, develop a rigorous study schedule and stay away from distractions. As a parent, it becomes your duty to make study time a fun-filled activity for your child and provide him/her a stress-free environment. How do you do this? Well, let us look.

  1. Make a Designated Study Space

Your child needs to have his/her own personal desk at home to be focused on studies. Ensure that this space is well-lit, ventilated, and devoid of all distractions. Not only this, provide your child with all the amenities handy. As a parent, it is crucial for you to encourage your child to study by giving him/her a well-organized study space.

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  1. Help Your Child Plan His Study

Effective study skills demand good time management. Make sure your child has study plans sorted a week in advance. You can do this by telling your child to note down important due dates provided by the class teacher.  Help your child to understand different ways to prioritize tasks and effectively break down the content. Work together with him/her to achieve small milestones and make your child’s studies more manageable.

  1. Tell Him to Take Notes

For a child to retain the topics taught in class, taking notes is very important. It helps your child to process the information more accurately and retain them for future use. Active reading techniques like taking notes during a class and highlighting important passages are essential for developing effective study skills in your child.

  1. Stay Away From Cramming

It is not essential for your child to put in long study hours every day. Studying bits of every subject is more effective for long-term retention of different topics. Make sure that you allow your child to space out their practice for every subject. Other than this, motivate the child to take smart breaks during a continuous study session for greater productivity.

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  1. Train Them to Ask For Help

If your child is struggling with a specific topic, asking for help becomes the key to rectifying all shortcomings. A child needs to put forth his challenges to a teacher or online communities as and when the child identifies them. An effective working relationship with other peers is equally important too. Asking, receiving, and offering support for all doubts helps a child to develop effective study skills.

Success in the classroom requires developing effective study skills in your child. The strategies mentioned above will help your child in sailing smoothly through all the study-related hurdles. In the present competitive scenario, a student needs to work smartly and understand methods that help in achieving his/her academic goals.

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