Single Exam for all Engineering Entrance

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As per the latest updates, the central government plans to change the existing engineering entrance examinations scenario by conducting only single exam for all engineering college admissions. The HRD ministry is considering the move seriously and the move may be implemented from 2018 onward.

As the move is likely to affect the students appearing for engineering entrance exams in 2018, we examine the potential opportunities and threats it may bring for you.

How will it benefit you?

  1. Lesser fee

Right now, students need to appear for a lot of exams and separate examination fee needs to be paid for each. Also, a lot of private colleges conduct their own exam at a very high fee. Thus, having only one exam would be very helpful for parents.

  1. Easy to track

For engineering aspirants, it would be easier as they would no longer have to maintain a calendar of events and venues. Having the single exam system would relieve students of all this pressure.

  1. No need for Normalisation

As many of the institutes admit students through their own entrance exams, JEE or through another exam, they normalise the scores. This often leads to discrepancies which shall be completely removed by the new system.

However, there are a few factors you should watch out for

  1. Exam Pattern

As all the learners are different, it is a common for you to fare very good in certain examination pattern and no so good in another exam. With the new exam, you need to make sure that your preparation is aligned to the complexity and scope of the new exam.

  1. Contingency

If, due to some uncertainty (illness, family problem etc.), one could not do well in some exam, he/she always had a second chance in another exam. However, as per the new system, you need to make sure to be fine on the examination day.

  1. No second chance

There is no second chance till the next year. So, even if you catch cold that affects your performance, it will cost you very high.

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