Why do Students Prefer Learning Online?

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Pooja, a Grade 12 student was aspiring to give the BITSAT and IIT-JEE next year. She was highly confused. She sought advice from her circle of friends and some of her own people. They advised her to enroll in offline coaching.

She pictured this for a minute. A heavy bag stuffed with books, stationery, and a tiffin burdened on her shoulders, in a routine that had monotony written all over it.

That image made her extremely uncomfortable. Getting up to leave early in the morning, traveling, attending classes, and traveling back home would exhaust her day. She did not want to get herself into this. She felt comfortable learning at her own pace and convenience.

She closed her ears to everything else that was being said by people around her. She decided to take up online courses for BITSAT and JEE Main that offered her exhaustive mock test practice resembling the actual exam environment, building her online exam readiness.

She Never Looked Back since and is Extremely Happy With Her Choice.

Online learning improves the productivity of students by allowing them the flexibility of learning at their own convenience. With the existence of smartphones and the availability of the internet at everyone’s fingertips, there is no need to scribble in notebooks anymore.

Referring to books can get a little boring at times, in place of which enhanced audio-visual resources help students absorb information in a much better way. It helps them process information, retain, and gain in-depth conceptual understanding. Additionally, the advantage of getting to learn at one’s own pace has blurred the line between slow and fast learners.

Let us understand why a lot of students, now increasingly prefer online learning:

Exam Preparation Becomes Consistent

A student on average, spends about an hour and a half every day, on online courses which provide them unlimited access to practice questions and mock tests. They also can track their preparation levels concept-wise and focus on those areas that require attention. With this kind of routine, exam preparation becomes both productive and consistent.

An Ideal Study-life Balance

While eventually adolescents would be required to get used to the 9 am-5 pm cycle which the world follows, the fact is adolescents require to have ample sleep and a good diet to be able to function well while studying or preparing for an exam. They learn better when provided with an opportunity that keeps them well-rested and mentally alert.

No Competition

Offline coaching classes for engineering entrance exams hold frequent tests and impose pressure on students to be consistent top performers. This competition demotivates quite a lot of students and makes them feel stressed. However, learning online keeps all of them on a common plane. Students interact and express their doubts more freely, with a variety of opportunities available.

Online Learning Makes Life Easy for Every Student

There are a lot of students who find it impossible to attend offline coaching due to health issues, disabilities – both physical and mental. In such scenarios, online learning or the comfort of learning from home helps them focus better on exam preparation. Additionally, students from remote areas who would not have access to good offline coaching institutes and teaching can make their lives easy by subscribing to online courses that help them study comfortably and build their exam readiness.

Online learning has brought in a revolution by identifying and applying smart techniques to make every student acquire education effortlessly at their own convenience. This movement from Blackboards to digital screens has brought in a wave of optimism and very soon will bring in a phase of quality education offered to every individual, in the years to follow.

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